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Week 4 Meal Plan

Today marks the 21st day of my 2nd round of Whole30.  On February 7th will be my last day of the program!

I can say that round 2 has been  more challenging than round 1.  I have been sick this round, I have had more temptations than before and since I have already done it once before I was a little to relaxed this time.  I’ve learned that I need to journal every day what I am eating and how I am feeling.  I am learning that I can easily go overboard on my good fats and I actually am going quite overboard.

I learned that I was not respecting my body and it’s need for sleep this time around and because of these things my results suffered.  This past week I was still feeling bloated and blah!  During my workout I was thinking about my results or the lack there of and I realized that I was my own worst enemy this time around!  I am in control of my results and the program works it is just that I have the right ingredients but the wrong recipe.

If you want to have the very best results possible you have to follow the program to the T.  I am committed to doing a few things differently this week:

  1. I will go to bed earlier this week.  I am setting the alarm at 10:30pm to remind me to start winding down and to be in bed by 11 pm since I wake up at 5 am daily.  Proper sleep will maximize  my results.
  2. I will make sure to fill up my water bottle because I need about 52 oz of water per day.  So that is almost 2 of my 30 oz water bottles and I’m not getting that in!!  So that is TOP priority because water is just so dang important to your results.Love Your Melon Hat, Water Bottle, Motivational Quotes, Melanie MItro
  3. Good Fat PATROL:  I’m going to closely monitor my good fat intake this week.  I notice that I can easily grab for a handful of raw unsalted cashews and almonds when I walk through the kitchen and not even think twice about it. Then, almond butter in my Shakeology, avocado in my salad, and oils for dinner.  Wow I was really going overboard. So now that I am keeping that in check I noticed a change in my bloating right away.
  4. RX bars:  While I love my RX bars I really don’t need them (and shouldn’t have them) every day. They should be more of an in a pinch kind of snack and I was using them almost daily.  Instead I’m reaching for whole foods such egg whites or hard boiled eggs and veggies instead.

With these changes plus a focus on really killing my workout I think, actually I know it will turn things around for me.

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I don’t call myself an expert in health and fitness and I certainly don’t have it all together and right now I am not getting the progress I wanted to get!

BUT I am not blaming Hammer and Chisel or Autumn Calabrese for my lack of progress. Instead I am looking inward and asking myself. What could I be missing? What could I be doing wrong?
💡💡lightbulb : I stopped using the food trackers and I am pretty sure I am eating to many good fats per day and I know my water intake is sucking wind!😞

I also am not being very respectful of my sleep patterns and I am pushing the envelope.

So– instead of blaming others for my lack of progress and saying the program doesn’t work because I know it does! I am REFLECTING on ME!
I AM THE PROBLEM. so what now!?! 😳😳🤔

So I am not letting this be an excuse but I am making changes today!  I printed out the hammer and chisel food tracker I filled up my water and I am ready to roll I set a reminder at 10:30pm to shut down and get ready for bed I am thinking of other snack ideas that do not include good fats. Mixing it up with some hard boiled eggs and fresh veggies.

Then in 1 week I will evaluate to see if the bloating is gone and if I feel more energized!!!

The system is not broken, we just don’t always see the things we do that hold us back. Self reflection is a very powerful tool!

Don’t give up- don’t blame others- always look inward first!!! 👊🏻👊🏻👊🏻
I will report out next week!!!

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I also found this great blog post written by another blogger that I have to share!  If you are not getting the results that you are expecting with Whole30 read through this and identify if there are any things that stick out to you!

6 Whole30 Mistakes that are sabotaging your results!   

So let’s start week 3 of Hammer and Chisel and Whole30 and crush our goals this week!

You in with me?!

Let’s do this!