“Self care means giving the world the best of you instead of what is left of you”

Self Care Sunday, Melanie Mitro, Self Care Tips, Top Coach

I started practicing Self Care Sunday a few years ago and it has been the best thing that I could of ever done for myself.  I am a mom, wife, CEO of my business and I am constantly pulled in a thousand different directions.  If I do not purposefully create time for myself then someone else will fill that time.  Self Care is essential to my mental health.  When I give myself just 1 day to recharge it’s like someone breathed life back into my body and my mind.  My creativity is restored and I am ready for the week ahead.  My mentor once told me that I am no good to my team if I don’t take time for myself.  When I am creative and fresh is when my team and my family grows the most.  It’s just like when you get on an airplane and they go over the safety instructions.  They tell you to first put the oxygen mask on yourself and then help your children or those around you.  It’s the same in life.  If you don’t put your own oxygen mask on first you are not going to be around to help those around you that you love and care for the most.  So start now with a self care routine that fits your lifestyle.

So what things can you do for your self care Sunday that can help you to stay fresh and energized.

  1. Sleep in- On Sundays I allow myself to sleep in.  Even if it is just 1 more hour than I do during the week I take it.  Sleep is one of the most important factors in our productivity.  If we do not get enough sleep it is going to affect our decision making, creativity, health and results.  I also allow myself to go to bed early on the weekends too.  Last night for example I went to bed at 9:30pm and didn’t get up until 7:30 am this morning.  That was 10 hours of quality sleep that my body needed.
  2. Unplug from social media- On Sunday especially I have a no social media zone.  I actually do this every day but on the weekends it is even more important.  We are a society that is glued to our iPads, iPhones or other devices 24/7 and we do not communicate with others unless it’s through a device.  So on Sunday’s, especially in the afternoons we unplug from all devices and we either play a game, go for a walk, or do something as a family.  If we go out to dinner, devices are not welcome at the table. It is important that you talk to your spouse and your kids instead of giving a device so that they will behave.  This has worked really well for us and our boys and even though it’s rough on occasion and it would be easy to hand over a phone we work hard to stick with it and instill this habit in them as well.
  3. Read a book- on Sunday’s I curl up on the couch and spend time reading a book that is meaningful to me.  One of my favorite books is “Present Over Perfect” .  I would suggest choosing a devotional or positive book that is going to lift your spirit and give you positivity and confidence to move forward with the new week.present over perfect, book, self care sunday, melanie mitro
  4. Make A Plan For The Week Ahead-  On Sunday’s I sit down and make my meal plan for the week and I create our family/business calendar.  I list out my top 3 priorities for the week ahead.  My top priorities can be anything from things that need to be done for the boys or things that need done in my business.  This week I am traveling to LA to speak at the New Leader Conference so it was important to me that I get my family squared away before I leave. Getting the schedule figured out, blocking out time for homework with the boys, their practices for basketball and flag football along with preparing for our tutoring sessions this week.  I schedule in my workout time and my personal development as a meeting with my boss that I cannot cancel.  That keeps me accountable to my fitness.  Plus, when I take time for myself I truly have more energy to take care of my family because I feel good about myself.
  5. Take a bath- I don’t always take a bath on Sundays but there are times when I just feel a desire to fill up the tub with some epsom salt, lavender and bubbles and put on a face mask and just take care of me.  It’s 20 minutes of quiet time where I am just doing something that makes me feel good.  Self Care Sunday, Lava Love Bath Soak, Melanie Mitro
  6. Exercise- So on Sundays it is not my traditional workout.  If I am going to do a workout it is going to be yoga, stretching or taking a walk.  I allow Sundays to be my day of restoration which means I stretch out my sore and tired muscles from the week and breathe air into my lungs and my muscles.  Mondays workout is so much stronger when I have my yoga and stretch days. Yoga, Self Care sunday, Melanie Mitro, Top Coach
  7. Take a nap- Seriously…. if you know me then you know that napping is my favorite past time!  I actually work a nap into my plan if I can on Sundays. There is nothing better than curling up on the couch on a Sunday afternoon and taking a little snooze.  When my kids were little I would nap while they napped.  As they got older I would put on a TV show for them and I would curl up for 30 minutes while they watched TV.  Now they are at an age where they can play and most often they are playing ball with Matt so I can take a little snooze without them needing me.  I feel so much better after a nap.  self care sunday, Melanie MItro, Top Coach, Tips
  8. Eat Healthy Foods- Even on self care Sunday I eat healthy foods.  Eating healthy foods is what keeps your body healthy, your energy level up and your mood positive.  Taking care of yourself means that you are also fueling your body with good foods so that it functions properly.  You wouldn’t put crappy gas in your car and expect it to run at peak performance. Why would you do that to your body?  Your food is your fuel so make sure it is top notch.
  9. Journal-  Spend some time each day if possible journaling the things in life you are grateful for.  Remember to be thankful for life’s blessings even if you are in the middle of a current struggle. There is always a reason for the season and if you take time to reflect and write it out sometimes that is where you have your biggest ah-ha moments.Self Care Sunday, Journal, Melanie Mitro, Top Coach

What do you do for self care?  How do make sure that your batteries are energized for the week ahead?

Everyone has their own way to recharge and refresh.  I hope that you make this a daily practice and you share this with others to.  I bet it makes a big difference in your life when you do it.