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Excuses That Steal Your Time

An excuse is your validation for why something didn’t happen. Excuses happen. I find myself falling into them from time to time. What’s important is realizing the negative impact these excuses have on your business and your life before you’ve created bad habits. Do not validate your excuses… Read the whole article

Countdown to Shaun T Week

Guys, I seriously cannot wait for Shaun Week to launch on Beachbody on Demand!! I am literally counting down the days to June 12th! If you haven’t heard of Shaun Week yet, it’s 7 days of workouts that will be posted to Beachbody on Demand… Read the whole article

Shift Shop Q&A: All Your Questions, Answered!

Today we’re going to talk about Shift Shop some more! It’s the number one thing I am getting so many questions about, so I decided to do a Q&A to answer most of your questions. If you’re interested in the official launch and joining my kickoff group,… Read the whole article

Effectively Communicating Your Vision with Your Team

Wondering how to effectively communication your vision with your team… …and motivate your organization towards a goal? Get out a pen and sheet of paper. You’re going to want to take notes. Let’s break this down into YOU, the leader, and THEM, your organization.   Focus for YOU: It’s… Read the whole article

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Shift Shop Test Group Transformations

I literally CANNOT WAIT for the official Shift Shop launch on July 12th!! You guys are going to love this program! In order to get you even more excited for the launch in July, I just had to share some of the amazing results from the test… Read the whole article

How to Expand Your Warm Market

Are you ready to learn how to expand your warm market? Listen up! If you think you can’t find people, you aren’t looking hard enough. Let’s take it back a bit. Think about your first month or two when you started your business. You had… Read the whole article

How to Expand Your Instagram Market

When it comes to expanding your market via Instagram, it’s going to take some trial and error. Instagram was new when I first started coaching. I had no idea how it worked, but I liked the pretty filters, so I ran with it! I am… Read the whole article