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Week 1 Shift Shop Meal Plan

Tomorrow starts week 1 of my Shift Shop Launch Group! I am so excited to officially mentor my challengers/customers through the next 3 weeks of their Shift Shop journey.  This program has made such an impact on both Matt and I and we know that… Read the whole article

Shift Shop is Finally Here!

SHIFT SHOP IS FINALLY LIVE!! I don’t know about you, but I have been waiting VERY patiently for the OFFICIAL launch of Team Beachboy’s newest home fitness program, SHIFT SHOP! Created by Chris Downing, Shift Shop is a 3-week rapid rebuild program perfect for people… Read the whole article

Excuses That Steal Your Time

An excuse is your validation for why something didn’t happen. Excuses happen. I find myself falling into them from time to time. What’s important is realizing the negative impact these excuses have on your business and your life before you’ve created bad habits. Do not validate your excuses… Read the whole article