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Chicken Bake

This recipe is the simplest recipe that I have EVER made!  When you don’t have time or a lot of skill in the kitchen then this is the recipe for you!  The best part is that everything is in one dish!

Chicken Noodle Soup

I have 2 sick boys at home and what else is more appropriate on a cold winter day than some homemade chicken noodle soup.  The store made variety is always good in a pinch but with the increase in sodium and sketchy looking meat I felt that making a pot of my own would be much more comforting.

I didn’t realize how easy chicken noodle soup is to make until I actually did it!  Super easy and I got to use my new Dutch Oven that I got for Christmas!  It’s a win win for everyone!

Big chunks of veggies, soothing broth, this soup will become a family favorite!


  • You can use fresh thyme sprigs instead of poultry seasoning, I prefer the different herbs in poultry seasoning
  • Always salt and pepper each layer – the base, the stock and finished product. But go light on salt since you can’t take it away.
  • Add as many veggies as you like. If you like a lot of carrots, then add more – it will only help the flavor!
  • Short on time? Buy a rotisserie chicken and shred it up.
  • Remember to season your raw chicken breast while you cook. I chopped the breast up into small cubes prior to cooking, adding salt, pepper, dried parsley, onion powder and garlic powder. You want the chicken to have its own similar flavor to the stock.

Clean Eating Minestrone Soup

Here is a great clean eating spin on a classic soup!  I made this in my wonderful new dutch oven for the whole family to enjoy!  The recipe didn’t call for chicken but I cooked some chicken breast and cut it up into chunks and threw it in the soup for a complete meal.

My Favorite Chicken Cacciatore

This is one meal that everyone in my family just raves about.  It feeds a family of 4 comfortably and i always have leftovers!  It’s a great comfort food and doesn’t take long to make!  I just make some whole grain brown rice and put a serving over top!

Cauliflower Crust Pizza

This week I decided to give Kati’s Cauliflower pizza a try because I wanted pizza and I need to eat more veggies everyday and this was going to be it!  I didn’t tell my husband what the pizza was made of because I didn’t want him to balk at it!

It actually was REALLY good!  I would totally make it again!  It definitely isn’t Pizza Hut Pizza but it does the trick for me!  So if you don’t want to totally kill all of your hard work then I strongly recommend this recipe!  I added some red onion, green peppers, mushrooms and spinach to my pizza!  I just sauteed them in a little olive oil and garlic and placed on top!

Mexican Poblano Stuffed Peppers

So I decided to give this recipe a try that I found on the website.  I looked at the prep time and the cook time and thought, wow this is going to be a quick and easy dinner!  But I obviously did not read the recipe!  So it took me way longer than I anticipated but it was worth it!  For those of you that are vegetarians this is a great recipe and for those of you that want to try it out I would go for it!!!  I’ll give you the recipe the way I found it and then tell you what I added!  It was yummy!!!

Mexican Lasagna

Made this last night for dinner and it really hit the spot.  It’s definitely not the cleanest meal out there but it is a special treat.  When I am planning my meals for the week I try to only plan a meal with either pasta, or cheese once a week.  It’s not a special treat but it has more calories than I typically consume at a dinner.  Make sure to watch your portion sizes because with this meal its easy to go overboard!

Lemon Chicken Scaloppine

Last night I invited one of my amazing bombshells and former nanny over for dinner last night.  It had been a few weeks, a month to be exact since she saw the kids and accepted a full time position so we needed to catch up!  I decided to try a new recipe last night.  I absolutely love lemon and I love chicken so what better than to put the two of them together and make a lemon chicken scallopine!

Here is the recipe and I hope you enjoy!  It is super easy, which I always like!

Healthy Shrimp Risotto

Last night I decided to try a Shrimp Risotto recipe that one of my fellow challengers had made.  I took a quick glance at the recipe and thought oh this is pretty healthy!  I broke one of my cardinal rules and that was pre-planning!  I had shrimp risotto on my weekly meal plan but I hadn’t made it to the store to pick up the ingredients.  So I called my husband to grab them on his way home from work!

The first big mistake was the aborio rice.  It’s white rice and high in starch which helps it to maintain its texture and not turn to mush.  This is what also helps create that creamy sauce that you call risotto.  GRRR, when he came home I just about died!  But I decided to give it a try!  Everything was great up until I had to add in the goat cheese!  4 oz of goat cheese, and when I stirred it in it turned into a creamy sauce!  So I knew right then and there that this was NOT a GOOD CHOICE!

I totally failed to do my homework!  So I enjoyed the dish but spent the entire night figuring out what I could do to make it cleaner and healthier so that we can ALL enjoy a healthy risotto dish minus the influx of calories to cancel out the exercise we just did for the day!

Here is what I found.

You can find Arborio Brown Rice, which is a great substitute!

What is Arborio rice?  It is not wheat, it is truly rice.  It is LESS processed that traditional short grain white rice. “Because it undergoes less milling than ordinary long-grained rice, it retains more of its natural starch content. Cooking releases this starch, giving risotto its creamy consistency. A pound of arborio rice can absorb up to 6 cups of liquid without becoming mushy.”

It is possible to find brown arborio rice, and it is possible to make risotto with regular short grain brown rice. You results may not be quite as good as a good arborio rice, however.

As far as the goat cheese goes, if you watch your portion size I feel that it wouldn’t be as bad of a choice!

Bruschetta Chicken

I absolutely enjoyed this dinner to the very last bite.  I hope you feel the same way!  I got this recipe from the P90X2 nutritional guide.