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Whole30 Sloppy Joe Recipe

Seriously this Whole30 Sloppy Joe recipe is a weekly must have on our meal plan.  My kids devour it and Matt and I fight over who is going to eat the leftovers the next day.  It is actually even better than the old unhealthy version of sloppy joe’s that we ... Read the Recipe

Butternut Squash Soup

This Butternut Squash Soup is literally a recipe that I could eat every single day!  I can truthfully say that I was never a squash soup kind of girl but this is incredible and the best part is that it has NO heavy cream which typically upsets my stomach.  So ... Read the Recipe

Peppermint Bark Martini Recipe

A few years ago Matt and I saw this recipe pop up as a sponsored ad on Facebook for a Peppermint Bark Martini.  Of course I didn’t stop and save the recipe and I’m pretty sure it was not very healthy either.  The recipe was full of heavy cream and ... Read the Recipe

Paleo Coconut Pancakes

I was in the mood for pancakes this morning and I haven’t had them since before starting Whole30.  Although, I didn’t want to eat wheat since I have noticed I am pretty sensitive to any type of gluten.  I went searching for some recipes on the good ole faithful Pinterest ... Read the Recipe

Creamy Taco Soup

It’s time for a little Recipe sharing.  One of my challengers and awesome new coaches shared this recipe with me.  She has been raving about it and I just have to try it.  I know that the weather is starting to break and soup isn’t always what we want on ... Read the Recipe

Chicken Hash Recipe

This Chicken Hash Recipe is Clean Eating, Whole30, and Paleo approved & is the perfect combination of sweet and spicy to add some flavor to your dinnertime routine.

I cannot say that I was beyond excited when Matt said we were having chicken hash tonight.  To me that sounds like ... Read the Recipe

Chicken Fajitas

We made chicken Fajitas on Sunday night.  We made extra so we would have lunch for Monday as well!

You could easily make in bulk and portion out for the entire week for lunches!  If you have non clean eaters in your family give them shells to use instead of ... Read the Recipe

Sizzling Summer Bean Salsa Recipe

This Sizzling Bean Salsa Recipe is great appetizer that you can serve with chips or  scoop on your plate as a side dish!!

My weekend has been just crazy busy with birthday parties and graduation parties!  I wanted something to take to these parties that would be refreshing but could ... Read the Recipe

Edamame, Tomato and Feta Salad with Fresh Basil

This edamame salad was bursting with flavor and it was gorgeous!!!

The Labor Day Weekend is in full force and that means picnics and parties for many of us!!  I am always looking for sneaky ways to show people what clean food tastes like!!!

One of my challengers forwarded me ... Read the Recipe

Southwest Quinoa Salad

This quinoa salad is a perfect, easy side dish.  This past weekend was Super Saturday at my house . In our quarterly meeting we discuss the upcoming products and promotions and network.

Sara Stakeley introduced this side dish to share and it absolutely rocks!!!  I seriously couldn’t be more excited to share ... Read the Recipe