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Sizzling Summer Bean Salsa Recipe

This Sizzling Bean Salsa Recipe is great appetizer that you can serve with chips or  scoop on your plate as a side dish!!

My weekend has been just crazy busy with birthday parties and graduation parties!  I wanted something to take to these parties that would be refreshing but could ... Read the Recipe

Breakfast Quinoa

I found a new love!  Anyone who knows me knows that I absolutely love my oatmeal for breakfast!  But I found this recipe in the P90X2 nutrition guide and I just fell in love!

If you don’t know what Quinoa is I will explain!  It is a grain that is ... Read the Recipe

Breakfast Smoothie

Want a quick breakfast that provides tons of nutrients, energy, protein and actually tastes good?  This smoothie is for you!  I have really taken smoothies under my wing in a pinch. When I need something that is chocked full of nutrients but doesn’t require me to cook a full meal ... Read the Recipe

Zucchini Pizza

This idea of grilled zucchini used as a base for pizza toppings is one of those cooking ideas that I found from another blog I found online when trying to spice up some of my weekly snacks or meals.  This would be a great appetizer or lunch idea!

Read the Recipe

Layered Hummus Dip

This layered hummus dip is festive as well as healthy.  As the holidays are quickly approaching you and I both know that you cannot become a hermit in your house avoiding all holiday parties because you are afraid of what is going to be served.  Just because you are changing ... Read the Recipe

Beast Breakfast Coconut Quinoa

This recipe is from the Beast Program.  Beast Breakfast Coconut Quinoa is a great recipe because quinoa is a grain like seed that is high in protein and balanced in essential amino acids.  When cooked, it’s light and fluffy with a mild, slightly nutty flavor.  This is a great alternative to ... Read the Recipe

Cinnamon Quinoa Bake

A lot of people have never heard of quinoa or are deathly afraid of it!  But don’t be, it is absolutely delicious.  I explain it as similar to rice in the sense that you cook it the same way.  But it has a chewier consistency and is actually a complete ... Read the Recipe


Yes I said it right, MANCAKES not pancakes!  I first learned about mancakes from my coach Deidra and then I watched Maegan post about them all the time and how awesome they are.  I decided that I just had to give it a try.  ACTUALLY, my husband decided he was ... Read the Recipe

Quinoa Power Cereal

As I flipped through the Les Mills Pump nutrition guide looking for some new recipes to try I came across this tasty Quinoa Power Cereal as breakfast option.  If you don’t know anything about quinoa I will give you the scoop.  It is a type of grain, but it is ... Read the Recipe

Mason Jar Overnight Oatmeal

I have this obsession and it begins with an “O” and ends with an “L” CAN YOU SAY…..OATMEAL!!!!

I have found this most amazing recipe for Mason Jar overnight oatmeal that I have to share!  I made this with my boys and they are all stacked in the fridge and ... Read the Recipe