Last night was the Grand Opening of the 724 Fit Club and it was AMAZING!  We had a great turn out with a really great group of individuals who really want to get in shape and make some changes in their lives.  It was so nice to meet and talk to people who are passionate and committed to getting in shape and changing their lifestyles.  I am so excited to have the opportunity to start this Fit Club.  Everyone at one time or another struggles with staying accountable during their workouts.  It’s so easy to say I’ll use today as my rest day or I’d rather eat that cookie than an apple.  But, when you know that you are going to see a group of people each week that are going to hold you accountable to the goals you set it makes you get off the couch, get out of bed, or put that cookie down.  You don’t want to go week after week to fit club and not meet your goals and have your body change for the better.  This was such great motivation for me to keep pushing play and working harder to be the best that I can be! 
The energy in the room was busting at the seams.  The girls were cheering each other on when the workout was tough.  At the end we sampled some Shakeology and talked about proper nutrition.  We also discussed what you will be doing the other 6 days out of the week!  The whole point of fit club is to get moving, have motivation, support and accountability for your actions! 
If you are in need of some serious motivation then this is the place for you!  Please come and bring a friend to Fit Club next week at 7pm.  We will be doing KenpoX upstairs and Brazil Butt Lift downstairs.  You can choose your workout of choice when you get there. 
In the meantime if you would like to have me personally coach you through this process you can email me at or log on to to create a free account and we can get all your information entered and you can start tracking your workouts and progress!  You will also be added to our facebook support groups for daily motivation and accountability. 
You don’t have to take this step alone, we are all in it together!!!
To RSVP for this event visit our meetup site
You can also visit us on facebook at 724 Fit Club, if you like us then you will receive our daily and weekly updates on fit club!