If we could only be so lucky to have personal trainers and nutritionists at our beck and call. But you don’t need either to lose the baby weight. You just need ME and a great Beachbody workout such as P90X, Insanity, TurboFire and definately Shakeology!  If you do nothing else, at least give Shakeology a try!  It is the best meal replacement drink on the markert with no artificial sweeteners and all natural ingredients.  I have reached my goal weight and I still drink my shakes everyday because it gives me energy, reduces my cravings, regulates my digestion and keeps my skin and body looking vibrant!  This is key for moms who are busy and have little or no time to prepare a complete clean meal! 

Here are some little tips for how to get your workouts started especially as a new mom!  These are little things you can do around the house to get your metabolism going and burn some calories!

1.  Incorporate your baby into your exercise routine.  Strap your baby into a baby carrier for added resistance while doing squats.  They make a great distraction while doing pushups and crunches.
2.  Take it 10 minutes at a time.  “When I got the okay from my doctor six weeks after giving birth, I got on the recumbent bike for 10 minutes every day,” says mom of two (soon to be three!) Valerie V., 37, of Houston. “I put the baby right next to the bike so I could hop on and off if she needed me. In about four months, I worked up to hour-long sessions, four or five times a week. I was in better shape than before I got pregnant!”
Another great option is the 10 minute trainer from Beachbody.  It is a full body workout in only 10 minutes a day.  It combines fat burning cardio, total body sculpting, and ab moves all at the same time for maximum efficiency.  There is also the Slim Express, TurboJam Live, Power half hour and great body guaranteed all under 30 minutes!

3.  Get a jogging stroller.  I got a Jeep Liberty running stroller,” says mom of one Carmen B., 28, of Summersville, West Virginia. “It’s great because its tires can handle rough terrain just as smoothly as it goes on a track. I started running and worked up to do four miles, three to four times a week after four months. I lost 70 pounds in 11 months after my daughter was born.” 
When Landon was born 2 1/2 years ago I would meet my 2 neighbors every morning and we would walk in our plan.  This really helped me to get the baby weight off! 
4.  Use bonding time to get fit.  “Two weeks after my C-section, I strapped my baby in my BabyBjorn and started walking,” says mom of two, Ashley R., 31, of Atlanta. “I’d go for about 30 minutes, just around the neighborhood. It let us enjoy the outdoors and spend time together!” 
Landon hated being in the stroller and I refused to give up my exercise time and adult time with the girls so I strapped him in my baby bjorn and walked while everyone else pushed their sleeping babies in the strollers.  I would always come back home with sweat dripping down my back because he was so heavy!  But boy did I get a great workout!
5.  Exercise anywhere.  mom of three and trainer Celeste G., 32, of Irvine, California, did ab exercises that you could do anywhere. “Sit in a chair with good posture, exhale while squeezing your abs into your spine and hold for three seconds. Do 15 reps. This helps strengthen ab muscles.”  When you go to the playground practice doing pull ups on the jungle gym.  I will lay on my back on the floor and push Bryce up and down to work my arms and roll back and forth to work my abs! 

6.  I made over my diet.  This is a BIG one!  Nutrition is 80% of your weight loss, so now that your baby is here you cannot eat for 2 anymore.  It’s time to cut down on the calories and stop reaching for the ice cream in the evening or at all!  Cut your portions by half and increase your water, fruits and veggies!  I can help you with meal planning if this is something you struggle with!
7.  I stayed fit throughout my pregnancy.  Mom of two Melanie was starting to take on a running routine when she found out she was pregnant. Instead of completely pushing back her fitness goals, Melanie, 27, of Manteno, Illinois, adjusted her workouts. “Every week I did two 30-minute cardio sessions on a stationary bike or walking on the treadmill and two 30-minute strength workouts with dumbbells,” says Melanie. “A week after I had my daughter, I started walking 20 minutes a day about three times a week.”

I wish I would of done this!  I would be in such a better place today if I took the time to take care of my body while I was pregnant.  I can’t stress this enough!  So start your workout routine now and when you get pregnant just modify the moves!

8.  I learned to make the most out of free opportunities.  Take advantage of the 724 Fit Club.  It’s free and you get the support of others around you to keep you motivated and focused on your goal.  We meet every Tuesday night at 7pm at the Heritage Creek Clubhouse in Mars.  Visit us at 724fitclub.com for additional information!  There is nothing better than working out with other people who are struggling to have their ideal body!  Each week we meet before hand and go over nutrition and exercise tips as well as provide you support!  Let us customize a workout to meet your needs! 

Most importantly get moving each and every day!  Make a point to do something active with your kids and family!  We don’t circle our family get togethers around food anymore, we go bike riding, fishing, walking, play at the park, ect.. to instill in our children that being active and eating healthy is the best thing for your mind and body!