I was reading all of the new updates on Beachbody’s website and I came across the new app for the IPhone!  It’s the P90X app, and it is totally amazing!  If you are doing P90X then you definitely need this app and if you are thinking of P90X you definitely NEED this app!
Here’s the scoop!

1.) Does the P90X® App for iPhone® replace the P90X system or does it compliment it?
The P90X App for iPhone works in conjunction with the P90X DVD system.

You’ll get personalized tools for planning and tracking your workouts and

progress right on your phone. Don’t have the P90X DVD system? Get it at

P90X.com or in the Beachbody® Store in the “More” tab of the app.

2.)  Can I automatically add the entire P90X workout schedule to my P90X app for iPhone calendar?
Yes just tap on “Start a program” from the bring it screen, or go to “my programs” from the calendar screen and select the program you want-P90X classic, lean or doubles.  Select the day you would like to start and the time of day you’d like to workout.

3.)  Can I schedule non P90X workouts?
Yes you can schedule custom workouts like swimming, running, yoga, biking and more.  Just go to your calendar day view and tap “add workout”.

4.)  How do I create a profile and add photos?
Tap on the “profile” tab at the bottom of the screen.  From there, you can tap on the different fields to enter your name, measurements, and add photos.
To add photos, tap on the camera icon to take photos using your phone’s camera or select an existing photo to use from you iPhone photo album.  You’ll be able to compare your “before” and “after” pictures side by side to see your progress.  This is totally awesome and really important to tracking your progress and keeping you motivated to see those results.

5.)  How do I start a workout?
From the bring it screen, you can either tap “Start a program” to schedule a 90-day program or “workout now” for an individual workout.  You can also schedule workouts from the calendar screen. When you get to the workout details screen, you can choose “track workout” if you’re working out with your P90X DVDs, or “purchase guided workouts” if you’re away from your DVDs.

6.)  What’s a P90X guided workout?
P90X guided workouts are cued versions of the P90X workouts, designed specifically for the iPhone and available for the purchase through the app.  They feature timed video demonstrations for every move, tips on form, and audio guidance from P90X trainer Tony Horton.  You can take the fit test and  try the ab ripper X guided workout for FREE!

7.)  How do I purchase guided workouts?
Tap on the “P90X directory” tab at the bottom of the screen to view and purchase guided workouts, or purchase them from the workout details screen of an individual workout as noted above.

8.) Why isn’t there tracking for the Plyometrics, Yoga X, X Stretch, Core Synergistics and Ab Ripper X workouts?
Tracking sets and reps and weights doesn’t apply to these workouts.  But don’t forget to track for intensity and completion!

9.)  Where can I find more information on the P90X nutrition plan?
The P90X nutrition plan that came with your P90X DVD system is your go to resource to stay on track with the P90X eating plan.  Within the app, you can select your phase and level to see the recommended number of servings that correspond with the P90X nutritional plan, and track your daily consumption.

10.)  What do the blocks in the nutrition tracker represent?
The P90X nutrition plan breaks down how many servings of various types of food you should be eating per day to meet your nutritional goals.  Each block is a serving size!

11.)  Is there recognition for completing the workouts?
Yes, as you go through the program you will pass important milestones such as taking the fit test, achieving 50% of your goal, graduating the program, and many more.  Once you are a P90X grad you get a badge that signifies that you rock and you’ll have a ROCKING BODY to prove it!

Why should I log in to team beachbody?
This means if you do not already have a beachbody account and have me assigned as your coach you should go to www.teambeachbody.com/melaniemitro and create a free account.  Then, when you are logged in as a team member your P90X workouts will sync with your account on teambeachbody.com unless auto sync in the settings is turned off.  If “Show status in WOWY” is “on” in settings, when you start the guided workouts on the P90X app for iPhone, you status will show up as live in the supergym!  And you can win $500 a day just for logging workouts!

Where can I find advice about fitness, nutrition, and beachbody products?
www.teambeachbody.com/melaniemitro is the one stop shop for all your fitness and nutrition needs. If you are a team beachbody member, you can access it directly from your P90X app for the iPhone.  Just tap on “beachbody store” and the “more” tab.

So I am super excited about this app and as soon as I get my iPhone for Christmas this will be the first thing I download.  I love that you can do live workouts and track measurements and compare pics right on the phone.  I also love that you are never without your workouts.  So if you are a busy person and travel often you can do your workouts and stay plugged in! This is genius, I love Beachbody, they are always coming up with innovative ways to keep us all on our toes and accountable to our goals!  You MUST download this app!  It’s totally worth it!

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