Is your child a picky eater? Will they only eat a small variety of foods? What about vegetables? Today we are surrounded by fast food, quick easy microwavable meals like easy mac, TV dinners and chicken nuggets.  I have successfully transitioned my husband and I over to clean eating and my kids for dinner time and snacks.  So it’s now on to the rest of the meals for my kids.  I have spent some time finding recipes that I think they would like and I’m trying them out.  This week I made clean eating egg salad sandwiches for lunch and Ezekiel raisin bread for breakfast with fruit.  So far it was a hit!  Tomorrow is clean eating mac n cheese!  It’s not that hard but it does take time!  I have to do this because I truly feel guilty for not eating that stuff and then feeding it to my kids.  I am just using excuses as to why I don’t have time to prepare it!  But I would do it for myself and I can’t not treat my kids the same way!  They deserve to feel as amazing as I do too!

Bryce eating Ezekiel cinnamon raisin toast

Here are some tips that have helped me to get my kids to eat the foods I prepare for dinners!  I just am always positive and upbeat and they always have to try it!  My kids love asparagus and broccoli!  Landon loves chicken and we always tell him that he needs to eat his meat because it makes him big and strong!  He totally gets it!

1. Presentation. If the food looks appetizing, they are more likely to eat it. I have used cookie cutters to make sandwiches into pumpkins, flowers, hearts, etc. This is a sure winner in my home. You can use cucumbers, tomatoes and carrots and make a centipede or any entertaining creature. Use your imagination. You can make food look like just about anything. Research online for other cool ideas.

2. Hide the veggies. My 10-year-old green bean eater hates broccoli. Therefore, the other night I combined noodles with cheese and finely chopped broccoli. After she quickly consumed her first serving, she asked me what the green things were. When I informed her of my broccoli addition, she smiled and asked for more. Another trick is to mash up cauliflower. They think it is a different kind of potato. After they have eaten it, I let them know what it is so they realize they like it. I think many times children think vegetables are suppose to taste yucky, so if they just have a taste, they realize how delicious they can be!

3. Practice what you preach. I do not know about your children, but mine always want some of whatever it is I am eating. If they see you eating healthy fruit and veggies, chances are they will eat them too. Young children want to mimic everything you do. Use the “under 10 years” to your advantage and teach them how good a variety of food can be.

4. Ketchup. When all else fails, ketchup seems to make it all taste better!

Our kids need a well-balanced variety of nutrients to help them grow to be healthy and strong. If they are picky eaters, they will not consume the nutrients they need. Talk to your pediatrician about adding a good healthy multivitamin. My children take the gummy chewables. They think it’s candy! No… I did not lie and tell them it’s candy… they know it’s a vitamin. The bottom line is, if you have a “Picky Nicky” when it comes to eating, try all sorts of tricks to get the variety of nutrients they need to grow up healthy and strong!

Let them enjoy the journey of becoming a Fit Mom— or Dad!

Landon asks me everyday if we can go to the basement and workout!  It’s become such a part of our lifestyle that I hope they grow up to mimic our good habits!  Ending the trend of obesity starts with our kids!

So from this point forward I am also going to post recipes for kids!  I want to make my site family friendly!  If you find a recipe that your kids love and it’s clean please email me or post below!  I would love to try it and add it to my families meal choices.


Eat Clean Egg Salad!

Eat Clean Egg Salad

• ¼ cup / 60 ml fat-free cottage cheese
• 1 Tbsp / 15 ml skim milk
• 1 tsp / 5 ml mustard
• 4 hardboiled egg whites, diced
• 1 hardboiled yolk
• 2 Tbsp / 30 ml chopped green onion
• 2 Tbsp / 30 ml chopped celery
• Dash curry powder
• ¼ tsp / 1 ml sea salt

  1. Whip cottage cheese and milk until smooth in medium-sized mixing bowl.
  2. Blend remaining ingredients except egg whites with cottage cheese mixture.
  3. Add diced egg whites to cottage cheese mixture. Mix well.