So my totally awesome sorority challenge ended on Friday and these ladies totally blew it out of the water!  You want to talk about total transformations, these ladies had them all!  When I started this challenge 90 days I honestly didn’t know these ladies very well.  Yes we went to college together and yes we were in the same sorority but that was it!  We knew very little about each other.  Over the course of the past 90 days I have developed some amazing friendships with the most awesome woman!  I am so glad that God put these woman back into my life again because they not only changed their own lives but they changed mine as well!  They taught me how to over come adversity, health issues and sickness!  We have all grown together and made lifestyle changes that are going to last a lifetime!

These ladies LOVED the group so much that we decided to continue on with Phase 2!  So all of the ladies chose Chalean Extreme and today is our day 1!  So we blasted fat with Turbofire for 90 days now we are leaning out and building muscle for the next 90 days!  You want to see some HOT ASA’s!  Check us out in another 90 days! 

If you are an ASA reading this post, you are more than welcome to join us on our next 90 days!  Just message me today to secure a spot in our group and get the totally awesome support, motivation and accountability that we all need to start and finish a fitness program together!!!

Tess is an amazing woman!  I actually don’t know Tess very well because she was at school after I was there!  But she is no joke a hard working woman!  She has traveled, worked full time and been up against some obstacles but still managed to kill the challenge!  Here is her before and after pics!
Tess lost 7 lbs and 6 inches in 90 days with TurboFire!  Today we start Chalean Extreme!!!

Next is my totally sweet and encouraging Jackie!  She has had quite the story.  She is a perfect example of overcoming obstacles in her life!  Jackie started out this challenge with the realization that she might not be able to do all the workouts or follow the schedule because of a medical condition.  But let me just tell you that she totally beat the odds and finished the entire 90 days of TurboFire!  She absolutely had amazing results and she worked hard for them.  Jackie definitely gets an award for the most encouraging and supportive member of the group.  She was always there to lift other people up and keep them on track when the morale was low.  She shared her own struggles and triumphs with the group as well as celebrated the victories!  She is the most positive person I have ever met even when somedays I know she just wanted to quit!  Jackie is true inspiration!  Her before and after pics only tell a small part of the true story! 

She has lost 8 lbs and 16 inches!  (WOW) in just 90 days!  She followed the clean eating plan and the TurboFire schedule to a T!  I’m so proud of her and she also became a Beachbody Coach in the process and began to mentor other people as well!  So proud of her and she is going to help so many people with her story of strength and endurance!

Ahh I am so proud of you!
Do you want to be the next transformation on my team?  Go to my site and create a free account and take the challenge!  It’s now or never, don’t let another 90 days pass you by!
We are on to Chalean Extreme next!  Do you want to join us?  Email me for details at or find me on facebook!