Making Time To Work Out When There Isn’t Any

Making Time To Work Out When There Isn't Any

No time to workout? Are you working a 12-hour shift, and all you want to do after work is sleep? Making time to workout when you’re busy is hard, but if you’re willing to put a little time aside for yourself, it can be done. Believe me I know first hand what it’s like to not have enough time in the day to get everything you want to do done!  But I am also here to tell you that it is possible!  If you truly want to change bad enough then you WILL make time!  Here are some tips for fitting in that workout when time is limited.

  • Work out at Home – Working out at home is a great way to get in a workout without having to spend time trying to make it to the gym. I love my Beachbody fitness programs.  Right now I’m doing Chalean Extreme and I can honestly say that a year ago I would have bet you a million bucks that I wouldn’t work out at home!  I swore up and down that I had to go to the gym in order to get a good workout.  But to be honest, when you have 2 kids and low funds you find a way to make it work!  So that’s where Insanity came into play!  I didn’t have to load up 2 kids in the car and drag them to a gym, pay extra money for childcare and have to cart them all back home!  I would just put them down for a nap, head to the basement, do a quick Insanity 30 minute workout, burn 300 calories and then come back upstairs shower and still have time to fold some laundry and start dinner!  NOW THAT’S TIME MANAGEMENT AT IT’S FINEST!!  I was a part of an online community of support called The Beachbody Challenge with my own coach who guided me along with my other challenge members through our program.  We got health and fitness tips, motivation and recipes to keep us going!  That was the reason I became a coach and do the same for others!  So DON’T KNOCK IT TIL YOU TRY IT!!!
  • 24-hour Gyms – There are now numerous gyms open 24-hours such as 24 Hour Fitness and SnapFitness to accommodate those of us without 9 to 5 schedules. Also, non-peak gyms times reduce the wait time for treadmills, weight machines, etc. so your workout can be completed faster.

  • Work Gyms – If your office offers a gym at work, take advantage of it. This is a great place to let off steam before, during (with an understanding boss) or after work.  If you office allows it, take you laptop and your DVDS and hit up a conference room for a quick Brazil Butt Lift Workout or Insanity in the conference room!  No equipment needed with those workouts!
  • Take a Walk – Try fitting in a walk or several little walks during the day. Instead of sending an email, maybe you could deliver your message in person.
  • Get up early-  I know some of you are making horrible gestures at the computer right now as you read this but I was one of those people that made fun of early morning workout goers!  But I am a convert!  It got to a point where my 2 year old wouldn’t nap anymore and I needed that afternoon time to get more stuff done around the house so I set my alarm for 5:30 am and did my workout first thing.  I was able to workout, uninterrupted, shower and eat breakfast all before my kids woke up!  It was even better!  Now let me tell you it didn’t always feel great waking up that early but over time I developed a routine and now it’s just second nature!!  I even text quite a few people in the am to make sure they are working out to!  It’s kind of like our own little accountability group!

    Remember start with a small goal such as I’ll work out 3 times a week. Little changes can add up, and over time working out can become a habit. It’s all about making your health a priority.
    What is the craziest work schedule you’ve ever had? Have you ever had to work out at a weird time?

    Want more help organizing your time and finding time to take care of yourself??  I’ll add you to my customer support group when you go to my site and create a free account!  Lots of free tips and motivation to keep you on track!!!