As a blogger I spend a lot of time talking about why I eat clean, how to eat clean, why I exercise and why it’s important to exercise!  I do all of this because I love it!  I love it so much because the simple fact is that I feel good, I look good in my clothes and I have energy!  So why wouldn’t you want to do something that makes you feel amazing?  I just can’t understand!  So the same thing goes for your career.  Why wouldn’t you want to have a job that makes you feel fulfilled each and every day.  That gives you a sense of ownership and pride and is just right fun!!!  Maybe you already have your dream job, or maybe you don’t!  Whatever it is, I would like to invite you to listen to my WHY!  This is MY story and MY reason for becoming a beachbody coach.  Last July when I signed up I wasn’t at my goal weight, I was still a work in progress. I wasn’t yet confident in my skin, but I knew I had something amazing!  I knew that this was the thing that was lighting a fire in my belly to do something great with my life!  So I ran with it!  I hope that my story can inspire you to go after your DREAMS!

Because I’m living mine each and every day!!!!!

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