Tuesdays are always the hardest for me!  I have such a long day and then I teach Total Body Core (P90X class) in the evening.  So keeping my calories up is really hard. 
Landon doesn’t have school today because it is an in service day.  I have planned to take him to My Little Playplace in Wexford with some of his friends from school.  I also have to go to the post office and Costco too!

So up and at em at 5:15 am, showered and headed downstairs to get my day started before the rest of the family wakes up.  Breakfast is consisting of my fresh fruit plate, which I could easily eat double.  I can hardly wait for my oatmeal next week!

Lunch is a spinach salad but I don’t have spinach left (that’s why I need to go to Costco) so instead its a micro greens salad.  I prepared it and put it in a container to take with me along with the dressing!  Shakeology is packed for my afternoon snack and I’m ready to go!  Out the door with both kids!

It’s seriously 2 degrees in Western PA today so I honestly don’t want to even get out of the car but I need fruit and veggies so bad!  I am running late already so I forgot to grab my distilled water!  Costco doesn’t have any so I’m stuck with 1 bottle full.  I drank my supplements in the car and ate my salad on the way to the play date!  I am so beyond hungry today I can hardly stand it!!!!

So since I didn’t have water I couldn’t drink my afternoon supplements or have my shakeology until I get home.  So I was starving.  When I did get home I didn’t even want the shake.  I dug into the veggies.  I ended up having 3 cups of veggies and hummus!  It wasn’t on the meal plan but I was just that hungry!  It totally helped!!

For dinner since I had class I decided to make the garlic veggies, quinoa and sweet potato from Saturday.  That is such an easy and filling meal.  I was out the door and ready for class!

Class went great and this week I had more energy than any of the other weeks before!  I did end up having 1/2 serving of shakeology when I got home to replenish what I had lost!  Very satisfied and off to bed!!!

Day 19
Matt is out of town today and I am working all day so planning on my part is key.  I was up at my usual 5:15 am to get in some work before the kids woke up.  I also had to do some prep today. I prepared the spinach salad ahead of time and cut up my fruit for breakfast!

I got Mango’s at Costco this week and they are seriously melt in my mouth good!  I’m in heaven!  The green apples taste like candy and I’m just loving the fruit.  Can’t wait until I can dip it in some greek yogurt next week!  

I was not nearly as hungry today, in part because I am keeping my mind busy with work.  When lunchtime rolled around I dug right into the salad.  I have to say that it is AMAZING!!!  I tried something new today.  Jicama.  
It’s a root and has a sweet and crunchy texture.  It is packed with lots of nutrition and adds something to the salad that just tops it all off!  I would never have even picked up this vegetable in the past.  I found it at Giant Eagle on an end cap by the potatoes!  I dare you to give it a try!  It’s good!

    Afternoon snack is always Shakeology!  Dinner is something fun and new!  Roasted Fennel Bulb, lemony asparagus and broccoli and 1 serving of brown rice (optional).

I know I keep saying this, but honestly it was really good!  I mixed it all together and made a stir fry.  I did have a little cup of fruit after dinner because I was craving something sweet!  Who would of thought to buy fennel bulb!  Again, weird but good!  It had a licorice type flavor, with a little crunch and sweetness. 

Time for my evening cup of green tea and off to bed!!

Day 20

Coming down the home stretch!!!  2 more days left.  It’s still freezing cold here and I just want to eat warm oatmeal to get my blood flowing.  But I’m settling for the fresh fruit and warm green tea this am.  Still hitting the spot, just really really read for more food.  I am hanging in there.  
Landon has school today so I am headed to the grocery store and to do some shopping.  I can literally put my pants right off without un buttoning them.  I have only lost 7 lbs but I must of lost a lot of inches.  I am excited to take my measurements on Saturday.  So I think I will treat myself to some new leggings and a sweater!  

I have my meal plan for next week prepped and ready to go.  I am basically sticking to the same foods with 1 day where I add in salmon.  I am ready for some protein!!!  

Here is a peak at what I’m eating next week as my post reset meal plan.      I will explain more after the reset of exactly what my plan is!

Lunch today is my favorite soup!!  Hearty Vegetable Miso Soup with a microgreen salad.  This meal fills me up and I love the soup.  Next week I am making this in bulk!  You have to try it!

I am sure I added a few more nuts that I was supposed to, but it was soo good and I was hungry!

I was able to skip my afternoon snack today because I ate lunch a little later than usual.  Although by the time dinner got around I was starving.  I have a 31 party to go to this evening at my sister in laws house.  So I am making the garlic veggies, quinoa and sweet potato again, I doubled the recipe for her as well.

 I’m taking a fun appetizer for everyone too!

It’s not clean but it’s low fat.  I found the recipe on pinterest and really wanted to try it!  It’s funfetti dip.  Those that knew me before clean eating know that funfetti is my all time favorite.  This dip made my mouth water.

It’s 2 cups organic low fat plain yogurt
1 cup cool whip
1 box of funfetti cake mix
Mix all three ingredients together and serve with nilla wafers or teddy grahams. 

I did have a bowl of fruit at my sister in laws and a cup of green tea!  Back home and now to finish the last day of the Reset!!!!