This week has been a week of firsts!!  First time doing Body Beast, first time eating over 2200 calories a day and first time to host a killer call on Beachbody!  So for those of you that follow me and read my blog on a regular basis you know that I share a lot of health and fitness information.  This is truly where my heart and soul is at!  I could spend days and hours just digging into each person and creating a customized plan to help them meet their needs.  I truly want to see each and every person succeed in their own weight loss struggles.  I read my customer’s goals and WHY and I just want it for them so badly!  But there is a reason why everyone doesn’t succeed!  It’s not that they have to many responsibilities or that they don’t have the money, or their baby doesn’t sleep through the night or that they can’t afford to buy groceries.  Again they are just excuses!   I have come to learn that being successful takes a specific type of person.  This is not just for your fitness journey but for LIFE.

So you ask, what does this successful person look like?  Well let me describe it to you!

A successful person has SWAG!!! I am not talking about jeans around your bum, boxers hanging out and hat backwards!!  I’m talking about confidence!  A successful person can walk into a room and be scared shitless (excuse my language) but never skip a beat!  No one even knows that they have no idea what they are doing!  But they do it, they smile, this person has good posture, they listen and they observe.  A successful person is more interested in what other people are doing than what their own agenda is!  A successful person is all about adding value to someone else’s life!  Each day they wake up with the thought of “How can I make someone else’s day better?”  A successful person doesn’t have to know all the answers before they start.  They just do it!  They admit when they don’t know the answer, but then they go out there and find it!  A successful person is NOT PERFECT!!!!

PERFECTION DOESN’T EXIST!!  Who the heck developed that word anyways! 

So Perfection is YOUR OWN DEFINITION!  What does it feel like to you?  When you think of a perfect person what attributes do they possess?  How do they carry themselves?  What type of people do they hang out with?

Then ask yourself this, what type of people do you hang out with?

Really truly ask yourself if the company you have is lifting you up or bringing you down!?!  Interested right!!

So what type of person do you choose to be today?

If you choose the Confident and Successful person that has flaws and is proud of them or the person who still wants to improve themselves each and every day then keep reading!  This is for you! 

You don’t have to be a fitness professional, nutritionist or personal trainer.  You just have to possess the want to help others and make a difference!
On Monday night, February 25th, 2013 I am holding a webinar on for those that WANT to be successful!  

I am the creator of The Dream Team, a 2 Star Diamond Elite Beachbody Coach.  I started out 2013 ranking #5 in the Beachbody Coaching Organization. I am a mom to two amazing little boys and the wife of a husband that loves me just the way I am!  I am leading a team of amazing leaders and individuals who are passionate about helping other people achieve healthy and fulfilling lives.  It is my goal in 2013 to help over 500 people transform their lives with health and fitness.  It is my goal to help YOU become a successful business owner as well!

There is no greater sense of pride than seeing your babies learn to walk, talk, read and write!  It’s the same thing with my coaches and challengers.  I feel an amazing sense of pride when someone reaches their goal weight or goes down a pant size.  I feel the same pride when my coaches reach Emerald, pay of credit card debt, quit their full time job to stay at home with their kids and create the financial freedom that they have dreamed of! 

So I want to open this opportunity up to you!  I am inviting  you to listen to a live call on Monday  night explaining what Beachbody Coach is.  You can determine if it would be a good fit for you.  There is no pressure and absolutely no commitment needed.  I just want you to hear all the different ways you can build a business.  You will hear from a few different coaches on our team and their unique spin to making Beachbody work for them!

I am also starting a unique mentoring program on March 4th for new coaches who are ready to learn about the business and take the next step.  This program is 60 days long and will require a few hours of your time each week.  I will have a closed group where I will mentor, support and guide you for 60 days to teach you my successful business strategy plus the tools of the trade from other top coaches in the industry! 
For more information on how to be a part of the 60 day apprenticeship program please contact me NOW!