I can’t believe that Easter is just 4 days away!  That means that I need to get my butt in gear and play the Easter Bunny!  Since we were at Disney last week I haven’t really had much time to think about preparing.  I am sad to say that I haven’t even put up Easter decorations.  But since we are hosting Easter at our house I am going to drag them out tonight just for the family!

One dilemma that I have is with the whole Easter tradition of loading up an Easter basket with chocolate, jelly beans and peeps!  I mean even as a kid I never finished it all.  I stashed it away in my closet and I would discover it 8 months later never even opened.  Plus my kids get so much from their grandparents and Aunt’s that they truly don’t need anything more from us or the Easter bunny I should say!
The one thing I do notice is that since they don’t eat candy all that often it really affects their mood.  They are much more non compliant, feisty and inattentive.  So I tend to limit their sugar intake regardless!

So they key here is to point out that I am NOT depriving my kids of anything!  They are still going to get some chocolate but they are not going to have an over abundance of it!  If I set this tone right now they will grow up never knowing that difference.  This is the Mitro standard and it’s how I roll!

What does the Mitro Easter Basket look like?


A toy-since he is totally obsessed with power rangers he gets something new to add to his collection.
Bubbles– it’s spring time and who doesn’t want to be outside blowing bubbles.
 All natural fruit snacks
Chocolate motorcycle-his special treat!
Jelly beans– but in moderation, just a few pieces
Books– books are always a great way to spend time with your kids instead of rewarding them with food!
Money– Instead of filling their eggs with candy let’s put in a few pennies. Then we can work on our fine motor skills as we put them in the piggy bank plus our counting skills! 
Bubble Bath– because what kid doesn’t love bubble baths!!
Movie-Power Rangers Movie for Landon and Little Einsteins for Bryce.  Movie night equals fun time as a family!!
New paints and art supplies– to let them shine their creativity.


Books- ABC, Little Einsteins, trucks.
Bubbles- At the dollar store they have these awesome bubble wands that are by far the best bubbles!  Stock up for a rainy day.
Play-doh- Bryce is my little play-doh man.  He could play with it for hours!

Pillow Pet Dream Light- one of Landon’s favorite bed time toys.  Bryce of course needs to have one of his own to keep him safe at night.

 Chocolate Truck- His one piece of chocolate that will easily last him a week.


Carrot Snacks– Fill these pastry bags with organic gold fish or other healthy snacks including raisins, nuts and craisins and let your kids enjoy!
We are set and ready to go for our Easter Celebration.  Today we are dying Easter Eggs as a family, Sunday we will be going to church and then having our own Easter Egg hunt with my family.  I am hosting Easter dinner which is full of healthy and clean foods.  My menu consists of the traditional ham but I am also making Marinated Salmon, Roasted Root Medley, Green Beans with Slivered Almonds, Tossed Salad, guacamole hummus appetizer and more.  My family is bringing the rolls, jello salad and other side dishes plus dessert.  
Everything in moderation and enjoying your family is always the focus. Food and overindulging should not determine your happiness on Easter morning!