It’s time for my weekly progress update! I am officially into week 6 of Body Beast.  Last week was a great week.  I finally feel like I’m in a good flow.  Last week was totally killer and I felt like it was day 1 all over again.  Why?! Because I totally pushed myself to do even more than I had done the previous weeks.  With my brothers wedding in 2 weeks I need to step up my game and really get out of my head.  I was totally getting lax in my diet and portion sizes and it was showing in my performance and energy level.  This week I have been diligent about getting in my correct portion sizes, drinking my water and limiting carbs.  Because of that I have my normal energy level back, my focus is on point and I am ready to take on the week.  It’s really true that your fitness is as much mental as it is psychological. If you think you cannot do something then you will self sabotage yourself into making it happen!

This week on the schedule is WEEK 6 and it looks like this:
Bulk Chest
Bulk Legs
Bulk Arms
Bulk Back
Bulk Shoulders
What my schedule looks like is this:
Monday:  Bulk Chest
Tuesday:  Bulk Legs and then P90X Core Class in the evening
Wednesday:  Bulk Arms
Thursday:  Turbofire 55
Friday:  Bulk Back
Saturday:  Bulk Shoulders
Sunday:  Rest
You know that I had an ah-ha moment this week while working out.  I just started a new challenge group on Monday and I have to say that they are all doing fabulous.  The common thread between my challengers and even myself is that we find this goal body picture and we want it now!  We do not want to wait until the 12 weeks is up and the program is finished, we want it yesterday.  What happens is that we get discouraged because the first week of the program we did amazing but we gained a pound.  A POUND!  YOU ARE GOING TO QUIT OVER A POUND.  If I quit the first time I didn’t lose weight I would still be 30 pounds heavier.  No I didn’t, because I have faith in the system.  I think the one thing that I truly love about Beachbody Fitness Programs is the fact that it is all laid out there for you.  Each system comes with a nutrition guide that tells you what to eat on what days.  It also comes with a program guide that tells you what workout to do Monday through Sunday and each week for the duration of the program.  I in my mind know that if I follow the schedule and eat the foods that the plan tells me to do that I will get the results that they claim.  
You know what…. They haven’t been wrong yet.  In fact Beachbody has completely blown me out of the water with the possibilities. I never would of claimed that home workout programs worked in the past. I have always been a go to class type of person.  So this is totally different for me.  The good thing is this.  I don’t have to drag my kids out of bed to go to the gym.  I can workout by myself and not care what other people think or the weird sounds I make when lifting.  I can just be myself, mismatched clothes and all.  I can then go upstairs, shower, eat breakfast and do a little work all before my kids get out of bed.  I have my ME time out of the way and life is good!
So back to Body Beast!  So I have been having fabulous results.  I am only 6 weeks into the program and the results are stunning.  As you can see from the pictures I am getting a lot of muscle definition.  My back is in great shape and I feel really strong.  I can tell a difference in the way my clothes fit.  My butt has become a little bit rounder and my arms are defined.  So more power to me to keep going!!!  
The one thing I do struggle with is ENERGY that early in the am.  I tend to stay up late at night working on my business so I struggle when that alarm goes off at 5 am.  Since I have a very sensitive system I have to be careful what energy supplements I take.  I tried the Beachbody Energy and Endurance Formula.  I love it!  It doesn’t make me so jittery that I cannot complete my workout.  What it does for me is give me energy and focus to really push myself harder in each workout and be more effective.  No doggin it here!!!! You have to try it!
Another thing I did this week is sub out the traditional Beast Cardio for Turbofire.  I really needed something different than Sagi in my ear 6 days a week.  I enjoy the high intensity cardio of Turbofire so I am adding that into my workout.  I totally killed the calories with that workout and felt energized afterwards.  If you are someone who loves to do Zumba, Cardio Kickboxing or dance then this is right up your ally!!!  You have to give it a try!
Last but not least, nutrition is key!  Nutrition is the one thing that is going to give you the results that you want! If you want to have Beast Results then you have to eat Beast food!
A challenger of mine gave me this awesome recipe for creamy taco soup and my mouth is watering just thinking about it!  This is a meal that the whole family will enjoy.
This week my focus is on stripping my meal plan down.  I did this in the past when I was preparing for Vegas and I am doing it again.  So, it’s no complex carbs from starches after 2 pm.  Limiting my fruits to 1-2 times per day and staying away from dairy! This is the key to leaning out and cutting out excess bloat!
If you would like more information on how you can start your own Beast Transformation the contact me today!