Happy unofficial Monday!  I know it’s Tuesday but in my mind it’s the start of the work week so I am saying it’s Monday!!

It was a fabulous Memorial Day weekend with my family.  We had a party at our house on Saturday with some of my coaches and their families and we celebrated some awesome success on our team this month!  I wish that I could just have my entire coach network to my house because I truly enjoy the time we all get to spend together. It’s great to see our kids and husbands all get to know each other.  I was able to provide a completely clean cook out for our guests.  We had turkey burgers, sweet potato fries, the edamame, tomato, basil salad, veggie tray with the greek yogurt and ranch packet dip, fruit and the only bad thing in there was the wine!  Everyone had a great time and left feeling full!
Sunday we had another cookout at my inlaws house! The original meal plan was traditional BBQ food which entailed potato salad, hot dogs, smores, and baked beans.  They were so gracious enough to smoke some chicken breast and my sister in law brought an awesome spinach and strawberry salad!  So I was able to stay true to my eating on Sunday as well!  
Then, we get to Monday, duh, duh, dah!!!!  Not so good!  We went to my parents house for a get together and picnic.  I started out great, I had my shakeology for breakfast, egg white omelet for a snack, lunch was a grilled chicken salad, then dinner was a bunless turkey burger, fresh veggies, fruit salad and cucumber tomato salad.  I did great, just drank water and stayed on track!  Then the desserts came out and there was this awesome cream puff dessert and cookie cake!  I seriously thought I died and went to heaven!  CREAM PUFF CAKE!!!  No way!  I had literally been awesome all weekend and it was my 6th wedding anniversary so I talked myself into having the cream puff cake.  Although, that doesn’t sound so bad I also talked myself into finishing both Landon and Bryce’s pieces as well!  Bad choies, today my stomach doesn’t feel so hot!  But I really enjoyed it! So my memorial day could of been way worse.  I avoided a lot of temptations that I previously would of passed of and said it’s a special occasion oh well!

Now we get to my unofficial start of the week!  I spent time on Sunday getting my meal plan in place and really making sure that I have a solid game plan.  I am on week 2 of the Stripped Meal Plan.  I am making some tweaks in my diet this week.  I am looking to cut back on the amount of carbs that I am eating.  Basically I am doing the stripped meal plan but a little carb cycling as well.  So 2 days low carbs 1 day moderate carbs.  The low carb days are the hardest at night, that is when I typically want something carby! (not I word, I KNOW).
I am focusing on the basics over the next 22 days.  That is how many days I have until we are in Vegas.
So you can see my meal plan below.  I am adding in the meatloaf muffins to cut out my afternoon carb snack and I am adding in a lot more veggies and hummus along with the egg whites!  
If you notice the things that I am limiting are my dairy.  Note:  Almond milk isn’t really dairy!
There is not cheese, yogurt, and my fruit is somewhat limited.  You do not see bananas very often either.
So here are some of the recipes that I am using this week:
It’s important to know that this plan isn’t for someone that has more than 10 pounds to lose. This plan is for someone who wants to tighten up and tone and pull out their abs!!  It’s something you do for a short period of time and not for the rest of your life.
I took this plan from the Clean Eating Stripped book By Tosca Reno!  
I am also doing this plan right along with my Clean Eating Stripped Challenge Group!  I’m so excited to be taking a journey with my customers and walking through the exact same process with them! They can learn from my experience, together we are sharing recipes, tips and motivating each other to stick with it!  There is power in numbers and knowing that you are not alone!  Honestly, when you have someone in your corner cheering you on you can do anything you put your mind to!
Have you considered joining one of my Challenge groups and getting my 1:1 support with Clean Eating, working out and achieving your health and fitness goals?  Then, contact me about my June 10th challenge group! You can be a part even if you have more than 10 pounds to lose!!!
My focus is going to be the next 60 days getting you through the summer, helping you lose weight and keep it off for the rest of your life. Then, really helping you get through vacations, picnics, weekend road trips, emotional eating, temptation and more!  My goal is to arm you with the tools to find your will power and be strong!
It has helped me and has been my saving grace and now it’s my time to help you!  I love what I do and there is nothing better than seeing my team of challengers succeed!!!
Lastly, here is a breakdown of week 1!  I know I didn’t do an excellent job of journaling each and every day what I ate but this week I’m shooting for all 7 days!!!  It’s time to rock and roll.  
Keeping a food journal is really enlightening.  It reminds you that you have to track every single bite of food that you put in your mouth!  Good and BAD!  Plus I like that I can discuss how it makes me feel and see the trend over the weeks and how my body is changing!!!