I’m excited to bring you another success story this evening!!!  I was waiting for the go ahead from my newest 1 star diamond coach Jackie Zagurasky to make it public!  I didn’t want to be THAT person that spilled the beans!!!

So Jackie started with me last year as a challenger in my sorority challenge and I had approached her about coaching because she was so motivating and encouraging in the challenge group.  Before I could even explain how to sign up as a coach I got the email that she had signed up! She has been a go getter from the very beginning.

Turbofire, Shakeology & Clean Eating

I am so happy to announce that she has an amazing group of coaches on her team.  I mean coaches that truly love what they are doing and are here for the right reasons. She portrays perseverance, strength, commitment, focus and friendship!  Because of her hard work she is where she is today!  She is creating the life she wants for herself and her family.  When we were setting goals this year I made sure to push her outside of her comfort zone, to get her to look at the big picture.  One of the things we did was actually set some dates on her goals!  One day I texted her a picture of my white board.  It had Jackie Zagurasky will quit her full time job by xx date!!  Guess what…that was all it took!  From that point forward we spoke weekly, we game planned together and we really had a solid game plan!
I’m excited that she went Diamond and then 1 Star shortly afterwards.  She has met her financial goals and can now be free from credit card debt!

Imagine where your life could be if you but in the work that some people are not willing to do to c

reate a lifetime of happiness that some people will wish they have forever!!!

Read her full story which is way more touching by visiting her blog at