I am back from an amazing weekend with my family and I am really excited to announce my newest promotions, programs and mentoring apprenticeships.  This blog post is about to blow up! Give me 48 hours away from my computer and I can brainstorm up some amazing things!!!

Relaxing with my family!

I am always getting emails from You my amazing readers and you are looking for support with meal planning, with calorie calculations and with your workouts.  The VERY best way for you to be in contact with me on a regular basis is for you to join a challenge group!  This way I can help you set realistic health and fitness goals for yourself, you are in daily contact with me through a closed facebook accountability group and I can provide you with the meal planning the recipes, the motivation, the tips and all the things that you need to achieve your own fitness goals.  We all start out on Monday saying that this is going to be the week that we make the lasting change!  Then, by Wednesday we have lost our steam and are slowly slipping back int our old habits.  We find a friend to hold us accountable but then that friend slacks off and then we do to!  It is a vicious cycle of failure.  Do you feel like you are caught in this cycle of starting over each Monday?  Do you need someone to really hold you accountable to your workouts each day?  Do you seriously have no idea where to start with your meal planning so you just give up?  We have all been there!  It doesn’t mean you are failing it just means you haven’t found the right fit just yet.  So today I am asking that you consider joining my upcoming challenge groups.  Choose from the list below which one will best fit your needs!  This way no matter what you have an option!

Guess what there are cool prizes involved as well!!!  

June 24th Kicks off the Happy, Healthy and Energized challenge group!  A 60 day health and fitness program that will get you through the Summer months without crashing and burning with every picnic, birthday part, road trip or vacation.  It’s an easy way to stay on track no matter where you are physically at.  If you have internet access then I can keep you on track.  You will receive meal planning, meal prep,  snack ideas, recipes, motivation, accountability and support to help you reach your health and fitness goals.  Each participant will be doing a Beachbody Fitness Program (which I will help you choose the one that is right for you) and replacing 1 meal a day with Shakeology (only required for the duration of the group) and in return I will teach you how to plan out the other meals of the day!!  If at the end of the challenge you feel that you can replace Shakeology with foods that we discuss then you can discontinue Shakeology.  It’s just that one MEAL each day that is going to be a no brainer, that travels well, that is quick and easy and is filling.  I know it sounds crazy, but what do you have to lose?  In the grand scheme of things how much money do you drop on crazy weight loss programs with little results?  I can honestly tell you that Challenge groups have changed my life!  If you check out my results you can see that I am a true testament to the fact that this works.  Ask me today for how you can reserve your spot in the June 24th Challenge Group NOW!  Limited availability and the first to commit get the spots.

Do you want to read about some amazing success stories with my challenge groups?  Check out my post on recent success!!!

Women’s P90X Results

2. July 1st 30 day Shakeology and Clean Eating Group.  If you are interested in learning the basics of clean eating, how to plan your meals, how to prepare your food ahead of time, healthy snacks, motivation, accountability and more then join this group!  This group takes the exercise piece as a requirement out.  Although, I do encourage you to exercise it is not mandatory.  The requirements for this challenge group are that you commit to 30 days of clean eating and replace 1 meal a day with Shakeology! This is going to boost your natural energy level, give you proper nutrition while we learn to make healthy meals, it is going to keep you full and is going to be quick, easy and convenient.  It’s one less meal you have to worry about each and every day!

Are you interested in learning more about clean eating and Shakeology?  Then join my challenge group today.

Clean Eating Support and Accountability

Lastly I am about to kick off the biggest and best Coach Apprenticeship program yet!  If you are really into health and fitness, love Beachbody Fitness Programs or drink Shakeology everyday then this could be a great fit for you! Whether you want to grow a business or just want to get the 25% discount on everything you purchase through the site now is your time!  If you are looking to  explore how Beachbody Coaching can impact your life then read on!

As the #4 ranked Beachbody Coach in the entire organization I am proud to say that our team is unique!  The Dream Team which is a subset of the Bombshell Dynasty prides itself on duplicating a system that is proven to work!  With over 10 Diamonds on our team, a handful of Star Diamonds and lots of rising stars this team is bursting at the seams with the smell of success!  We have coaches who are able to quit their full time jobs to stay at home with their kids, are able to afford family vacations, pay off debt and live life the way they really want envision it to be.  I am excited to announce that my next Coach Apprenticeship group will begin on July 1st.  I will be personally helping you to set your health, fitness, and financial goals.  I will mentor you in a group setting, through weekly calls, 1:1 support and provide you with the steps to success!

Join the Dream Team

You tell me what income you want to earn and I will guide you to creating action steps to get there!
Never give up

Imagine what $100, $200, $500 or more a month could do for you and your family?  How would life be different?  How amazing would it be to get healthy and fit and earn an income as well!  If you have been following me then you know I am not just blowing smoke.  You know that I mean what I say and that my actions are always followed by an example.  You know that I am here for you every step of the way.  The biggest hurdle that I hear is that you are afraid of failure.  Yes I get it!  Making a commitment is scary, but what do you have to lose?  If you have been wanting to change your circumstances then now is the time!!!  It’s now or never!

I have 9 spots available in my upcoming coach apprenticeship program!  No other team offers the type of training and support that you can get here.  I am looking for people that are self motivated, accountable, driven, have dreams and aspirations and are willing to meet me half way and follow my lead!  I’m looking for people that truly want to grow an organization that is built on a foundation of trust, caring, support and integrity!  So please message me or complete the application below to reserve your spot today! ——> Coach Application

T25 Special Offer

Lastly!  To sweeten the deal!  The BIG BANG!!  Anyone who purchases a challenge pack in the month of June will be entered to win their very own copy of Beachbody’s newest home fitness program T25.  Shaun T is hitting the pavement again with a 25 minute high intensity full body workout that is proven to get results!!  25 minutes a day is perfect for us busy moms, full time working women and men or people that just would rather not spend a lot of time in the gym!  This program is not even released yet to the public!  You can increase your chances of winning by referring a friend!

1.  You get 1 change to win for ordering a challenge pack!
2.  You get 2 chances to win for ordering a challenge pack and upgrading to a coach!
3.  You get 2 changes to win for ordering a challenge pack and inviting a friend who orders a challenge pack as well!  The more friends the more chances!!

How bad do you want T25?!?!  

So now is your time!  It’s your time to shine on!  It’s your time to change your fitness, to change your future and be successful, happy and fit!  Join today!!

Is now your time?