It’s a big day in Beachbody land for this chick!  I was totally going to write about a Teriyaki Halibut recipe that I found today because it’s grilling season and it would be perfect for a day like today but I couldn’t resist about writing what is going on in my life right now!  I hope you don’t mind waiting for tomorrow for the recipe!

Every month the rankings for Beachbody come out as to who is the top 10 in the company along with other numbers like top recruiters, challenge pack sales, Shakeology sales and rank advancements.  I anxiously wait every Thursday for the reports to post because I have been slowly creeping from #5 to #4 and then holding still for the last 4 months.  I can hardly believe that this little ol coach from Mars, PA is in the top 10 of over 100,000 Beachbody Coaches in the entire organization.  I mean who am I anyways?  I am just a mom with 2 kids that had great results with Insanity and made a commitment to help other people lose weight, eat healthy and make a lifestyle change.  Then, I began to see the opportunities in front of me where I could make this a business and really help other people and make an income!  I never thought about coaching as a way to make a quick buck instead I think about it as a way to HELP other people gain confidence, energy, reduce health problems and get into the best shape of their life!

She believed she could so she did

I had all these great ideas swirling around in my head about how I could make it bigger and better!  I just put my head down and worked with my challengers, a lot of time I took people under my wing that really needed more help than just an online facebook group. I started taking people grocery shopping, meeting for coffee to discuss clean eating, I started a fit club and just worked each day to inspire other people to lead healthy lives!  
Melanie Mitro

What happened was that people wanted to join in on my journey. They had amazing results and wanted to become coaches themselves!  So my little team began to grow!  I always lead by example and I always practice what I preach!  I pride myself on staying down to earth and real with myself and I continue to make my family my #1 priority!  All of the things that I have done over the past 22 months have landed me in the #3 spot in the entire company!  I mean #3 seriously!!!  When numbers like that come out what do you say?!?  I just about fell off my chair!!  I am beyond blessed  to have some seriously amazing coaches on my team plus some challengers that light up my life!  

Top Beachbody Coaches in 2013

I also officially rank advanced to a 7 Star Diamond Coach and I am about 2 weeks away from being 10 Star Diamond!  My team was in the top for rank advancements in the month of May as well.  Do you know what that means?  It means that I am duplicating my system and creating coaches that are learning way quicker than I did!  I’m cutting their learning curve in half and producing leaders very quickly!  I am committed to each and every coaches success by providing them with weekly mentoring calls, a coach apprenticeship program, plus an Emerald Dash and a Diamond Dash! If you want to grow a business you have come to the right place!

top rank advancements in Team Beachbody

So now that the excitement of the day has settled and I realize the magnitude of my teams accomplishments I am already thinking to next month and how I can step it up a notch and take it to the next level!!!

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