Happy Monday!!!  It’s a beautiful day today and it’s the start of a brand new week!  I always love to share with you my progress updates and my weekly meal plans!  This week I am headed to Las Vegas for the annual coach summit.  I’m ready to meet Tony Horton, workout with Shaun T and kick butt with the Les Mills Combat trainers!  It’s time to take my fitness to the extreme and learn from the best!  I have been preparing for this event for the past few months by really focusing on my nutrition thru using the Eat Clean Stripped program!  So today I want to share with you my meal plan plus some of the changes I have noticed in my body over the past 4 weeks.

So one way you can really take your fitness to the next level is by focusing on the foods that you are eating.  If you want to lean out, see your abs and create great definition following the Eat Clean Stripped Plan is the way to go! It was created by Tosca Reno, author of Eat Clean Recharged and lots of other clean eating cookbooks.  She discusses the principles of stripping away that pesky last few pounds to really get the results that you want!  It’s not about starving yourself but instead it’s about good clean proper nutrition!  The past 4 weeks have been about lean protein and veggies.  Oh and the endless amounts of water I have been drinking.  I actually bought egg whites in bulk at Costco because I have been eating so much of them.  The foods I have been limiting are fruit and dairy.

The foods that I have eliminate for the past 4 weeks are dairy, cheese, bananas, grapes, red meat, Greek Yogurt, and alcohol.

Clean Eating Lunch Ideas

Now I can truthfully say that I haven’t been 100%.  I would say at least once a week I have a glass of alcohol or even had some birthday cake this weekend!  It kept my sanity and it didn’t wreck my progress.  I am following the 95% clean and 5% whatever attitude!

Natural Detox, Apple Cider Vinegar

Here is a little detox tip:  Here is another tip! Ive tried this and it’s not so bad but I’m not so sure I would do it all the time! Organic apple cider vinegar is useful when losing weight, the vinegar helps shorten the time fats linger in your digestive tract. The less time fats spend being digested, the less chance they will be stored as fat. ACV also helps the body burn fat and fuel more efficiently by releasing iron from what we eat, which in turn causes more oxygen to be used, helping you lose weight. Like lemon juice, apple cider vinegar has a cleansing quality, particularly because it inclues unfiltered product-this has the most health benefits! It has potent antibiotic and antiseptic characteristics. Try drinking 2 tbsp of ACV mixed into a glass of water daily! Try it and let me know what you think!

Bought these for my trip, Quest Bars

What results have I noticed.  Greater muscle definition and clearer skin plus the lean toned look that I was really working hard to achieve!  I have noticed that my belly bloat has gone away and I have an extra inch or two in the pants!!!  I didn’t  have much weight to lose but it definitely made me feel lean!  I only recommend this program if you have less than 10 lbs to lose and have a good understanding of clean eating! You have to have the will power to make it through the times when everyone else is eating crap and you really want to give in!  Having the challenge group for the eat clean stripped ladies has been awesome!  Having a place to report in our progress, our daily struggles and really support each other has been key!

I encourage you to be a part of my next challenge group if you struggle to stay accountable and on track with your progress.  It is definitely the defining difference between success and just another failed attempt at weight loss.