Happy Wednesday!!

So once a week I love to just share success of my Beachbody Coaches on my Dream Team as well.  Not only do I help you with your health, fitness goals, clean eating and lifestyle changes but I also help my coaches do the same thing.  My job as a Beachbody Coach is to teach other people how to mentor and support their family, friends and acquaintances just the same as I help you!
I am excited to share that the systematic approach I have created on my team is working!  This was the BIGGEST month in team history!  This past week alone we had over 67 new coaches and a whole slew of rank advancements and successes!!!!

I really really feel that each of these individuals deserves a shout out!  So please take some time to congratulate them on a job well done!
These coaches listed below are the rock stars of this past week! The number represented below is considered Personal Volume! This is what they as a coach have produced!  They have gone over and above and just rocked out their sales for the week!  This number is a direct reflection of the number of individuals that they are impacting with their health and fitness.

Inspire other people to do more, be a leader
Be a leader
HIghest volume earning coaches on the Dream Team

This week we have 12 new Emerald Coaches on the Dream Team! This means that each coach has been able to inspire 2 other people to join their team either as a discount coach or as a coach that is interested in starting a challenge group, running a fit club, or sharing their success with others in hopes of inspiring change in them!  The really awesome thing about each of these people is that they are just that! They are real people! They have boyfriends, kids, husbands, wives, full time jobs and responsibilities.  But they have taken time to put themselves first for just a few hours a day and because of that they are reaching success!!!  Here they are!!

Emerald Beachbody Coach
Dream Team Emerald Coach

emerald coach success story
Emerald Coaches Dream Team

coach Success story
Emerald coaches Dream Team

We also have 2 BRAND NEW DIAMOND COACHES ON THE TEAM!!!!  This means that they are now earning an increased team bonus, have officially stepped up to the leadership plate, and are part of an elite group of individuals on the Dream Team who are growing a successful business and are really achieving their financial goals one day at a time!

Successful Diamond Beachbody Coach

Shannon joined as a coach 2 months ago and since the day she has started has been excited about helping other people.  She has a fabulous P90X transformation and has really hit the ground running.  Her ability to inspire others is apparent in the way she runs her challenge groups and her attention to detail!  I believe that she has what it takes to be the next rock star coach!!!
Congrats on your success, so proud of you!!

Successful diamond beachbody coach
Jaime Messina is the next new Diamond Coach on our team!  She started a challenge group with me in January last year doing Les Mills Pump!  She had amazing results and continued to drink shakeology, eat clean and complete other fitness programs.  As a coach she is a rock star at running challenge groups and really helping her customers have a fabulous experience!  Now she is transferring that over to her coaches as well!  I’m excited about her sprouting leadership and her ability to lead by example!  She is truly paving the way of success for her team!!  So proud of you Jaime!!
Success Club benefits

And last but certainly not least one of the benchmarks of the being a coach is hitting Success Club each and every month! This month we had our largest number of coaches hitting this benchmark.
I attribute this to a few things:  The Dream Team Coach Apprenticeship Program, 1:1 coach calls, Google+ chats, weekly team calls, and daily support through our closed facebook group.  The fact that each of these individuals were a product of the product, were working out and were leading by example is what is driving them to success in their own business!  I am overjoyed at the transformation stories that are pouring in from all the coaches who are working with their customers each and every day to make someone’s life a success!!  Plus they earn some pretty sweet rewards for achieving success club throughout the year! The next success club trip will be on a cruise to the Caribbean in March of 2014!!!  SWEEETTT!!!

Join the Dream Team on the Cruise SHIP!
Dream team Success Club all Stars

So if you are someone who loves health and fitness and is passionate about helping others then this might be a good fit for you!  This is a great time to join the #3 team in the business and really get the hands on tools that you need to be successful!  I have paved the way to success and all you have to do is show up and do the work.  No re-inventing the wheel here!  The key is for you to genuinely help other people, and regardless of road blocks in life to believe in your ability to do great things!

Success quotes

Then, slowly but surely hitting success club, participating in our team calls and doing the daily activities will bring you success that can free you from the things in your life right now that are a burden!

Imagine how different life would be if you had the time, money and energy to do what you really love and dream of doing?!

If you are interested in joining my team please complete the coach application to be considered for a spot on my team!!!

Number #3 Team in all of Beachbody!!  Join our team!!!

The next mentoring program will begin shortly!  Limited Space AVAILABLE!
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