Body Beast Progress update

I feel like it’s been a while since I gave you my weekly update!
I am officially in week 8 of the Body Beast/T25 Hybrid.  I added in an extra T25 workout last week because I was loving it so much.  I ended up not taking a rest day last week, which might not of been the greatest idea but I was into it!  So I went with it.  The one thing I am pretty good about is listening to my body.  When I am starting to feel that lack of energy, run down feeling, achy muscles and mental fog then it’s time to take a rest.  24 hours of no intense workouts and I am ready to go!  The key to not overtraining is listening to your body.  Now there is something called listening to your body and listening to the voices in your head saying you have a sore pinky and you should take a rest day! That is what I classify as an excuse.  So listen carefully to what your body is saying!  Real fatigue vs excuses.

So here is the schedule for this week!
Hybrid Schedule:
Monday:  Build chest and tris
Tuesday:  Bulk Legs
Wednesday:  Beast Arms
Thursday:  T25 Core Speed and Dynamic Core (double)
Friday:  Beast Shoulders
Saturday:  T 25 Speed 2.0 and Beast Abs
Sunday:  DAY OF REST!
Body Beast Workout
Body Beast Back

I am focused on lifting heavier, being focused on the workouts and clearing my mind during a workout.  It is so easy for me to lose myself in my thoughts, my daily to do list and all the demands that are placed upon me that I can easily slack on my workout because my mind isn’t really in it.  So this week I commit to being 100% present in my workout routine.  It makes for a larger calorie burn and a clearer mind to start the day!

I know that a lot of you are curious as to what these workouts are all about.  Check out my T25 Core Speed workout for a glimpse into the FUN that 25 minutes can bring!  I swear that by the time you get to talk yourself out of the workout you are done.  Also, I have been a little naughty with hitting the snooze button lately, and 25 minute cardio workouts fit nicely with my snooze issue!

Body Beast Shoulder Workout

I’m working on that!  Today was much better.  Only hit snooze once.

Meal planning:  One of the things that I love to do is plan out my meals.  Not because I’m crazy but because I need a reference.  I need a starting point. Also, when I’m starving in the afternoon I want to have healthy choices in the house.  I hate to stand in front of the fridge and twiddle my thumbs wondering what I am going to eat.  This takes the guess work right out of it.  It’s my version of fast food. The meal plan is there, I just choose what I want!!!  I don’t stick to the plan 100% and most nights I end up cooking a different meal than what is listed that day but the flexibility is there.

Clean Eating Meal Plan

This past week we tried a brand new recipe:  Turkey Taco Casserole and it rocks!  You gotta try this!

Also in my meal plan this week you will see consistency.  I am very busy this week and I just needed to eat the same foods each day.  This works for me, this doesn’t bother me and I like that I can batch cook on Sunday’s and be set for the week.  I mix it up each week and go from there.  Clean eating can be simple, normal foods!  It doesn’t have to be recipes that take hours on end to prepare.  For example tonight for dinner is another favorite.  The Basil Turkey Cutlets, steamed brown rice and steamed broccoli.  Beyond easy and CLEAN! PS the whole family eats it and no one makes a peep at dinner.

Committed to Getting Fit

If you would like more tips on clean eating or you would like to get involved with a Beachbody fitness program please complete this application and I will contact you within 24 hours regarding your own personal goals!!!  Together we can create a plan to meet your needs.