Focus+Nutrition= results

Happy September!!!  I can’t believe we are into the 3rd week of September already!  Where does time go?

Fall Fitness Motivation

Seriously it’s moving way to fast for me to keep up!  I am thoroughly enjoying the fall weather and this week I drug out my fall decorations and started to burn my pumpkin candles.  This is a time when most people pack up the workout gear, get busy with their kids schedules, or other activities like tailgating, football games and bonfires.  But not for this chick!  I see this as an opportunity to kill my workouts so I can rock my skinny jeans, my coctail dresses and basically anything I want to wear!  I never want to say, “oh no I can’t wear that, my muffin top shows in that outfit”.  That is my workout motivation!  Plus I just feel awesome when I eat healthy and workout!

Melanie Mitro P90X2

So now that I am done with Body Beast I am challenging my core a little more.  I really feel like I could use some focus in that area.  So I chose P90X2 because the entire focus is on cores stability, strength and power.  Talk about crazy advanced moves.  I’m on the stability ball, the medicine balls and doing push ups and plank jumps all over the place.  I am so sore in the first week that I could hardly laugh.  The good thing is that I view soreness as progress and it’s a step in the right direction for me!!!

So to give you a sneak peak into my week here is the details.  I am traveling this week to Dana Point California for a Beachbody Leadership Event.

Beachbody Leadership Retreat
Dana Point Ca, Laguna Cliffs Marriott

The workouts are taken care of because I get to workout live with Chalene Johnson (insert EXCITED SHRIEK)!  The food is partially taken care of.  I am packing my mini blender and Shakeology, cocoa roasted almonds, apples, protein bars, and water.  I am pretty confident that I can find egg whites and veggies and load up on grilled chicken salads!  Plus since it’s a Beachbody event I am sure they won’t be feeding us unhealthy foods!

Chalene Johnson Turbofire Workout
I get to workout with Chalene Johnson

So, what is my workout schedule going to look like for the week!  Here you go this is my plan of attack.

Workout Schedule:
Week 1 P90X2/Turbofire Hybrid
Monday:  X2 Core
Tuesday:  Plyocide
Wednesday:  X2 Total Body and X2 ab Ripper
Thursday:  Live Workout
Friday: Live Workout
Saturday Live Workout
Sunday:  Rest

Plyocide this am

Total Body Workout

Spending time with the kids before we leave= Priceless

Of course nutrition is just as important as the workout schedule.  So I included a sneak peak of what I am going to be eating this week.  You can get a pretty good idea of how I am keeping myself on track this week!!!  Pre planning for me is my best friend.  I have lists galore so that I am not thrown off by forgetting something.  For some reason it stresses me out to travel in the first place.  So I’m trying to be as proactive as possible.

Clean Eating Meal Plan- Traveling
Not a typical plan because I am traveling this week
Fitness motivation
Quote of the day

My last thought before I end this post.  You know this week it would be easy for me to say that I’m to busy to workout and eat healthy.  Trying to get 2 kids prepped for a week with the sitter and Aunt Mo, packing myself, prepping my speech, and getting my team set for the week.  There are not enough hours in the day.  But I still always make myself a priority.  That way I feel confident, energized and strong!  If you make excuses you will be making excuses when you take those progress pictures because you didn’t get the results you had hoped for!  Never lose sight of your finish line, your end goal and your motivation to change!!

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