Happy Wednesday!!  Are you looking to really embrace healthy eating and to learn some basics about how to get started?  I have decided that due to the popular demand for my 30 day clean eating groups that I want to offer a 1 week crash course in what you can expect to learn in a 30 day group!  So I am going to offer this 7 day shred where I will give you a complete meal plan, grocery list, plus access to a closed online accountability group, and a place to check in each day to stay on track.

I will be your strength

The only investment you make is in Shakeology, but not an entire month just the sampler pack!  It has 4 packets of Shakeology, 2 chocolate, 1 vanilla and 1 greenberry for you to try.  I must be your official Beachbody Coach and you must make that purchase through my site!  It’s roughly a $20 investment in your health!  If you decide after this week that this is something you would like to move forward with you can join in my next challenge group at that time.

Shakeology Sampler Pack Now AvailableSo Why Shakeology You Ask?   Well let’s just say that it is definitely the defining factor when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle, convenience and success!  For me I need at least 1 no brainer meal of the day!  I need something that has the proper carb to protein ratio, is going to taste good, but is going to keep me full for at least 3 hours until my next meal time.  It curbs my cravings for sweets, gives me natural energy without caffeine and it helped me to lose weight.  You can replace it for any meal of the day.  For me it varies each day depending on my schedule.

Literally everything will be given to you on a silver platter! The meals are super simple and do not require you to cook complex meals with hard to find foods!  You will be required to check into a closed facebook group each day to rate your food for the day, your shakeology and also to get the tip of the day!!!  Exercise is optional, but of course will enhance your results.

Can you commit to 1 week of your life to learning some new tips, tools and be on your way to a healthier lifestyle? Whether it’s 2lbs or 100lbs that you want to lose this group will meet your needs!!!!   

I truly believe in creating a plan each and every week for your food, your fitness and your life.  I know that I just have an inner peace with myself when I have a plan!  When I fly by the seat of my pants I am more likely to eat out, to make bad choices and to make excuses.

Are you ready to commit?!?! Let’s do this!
Think about it this way!!  Don’t let your New Year’s Resolution in 2014 to lose weight! Own it now!!!!

Ok so now you are intrigued…. What’s next?!?!

I want you to know that for 7 days you are going to get the works!  Instant 24 hour access to me and my knowledge of clean eating, exercise, making time for yourself, dealing with cravings, how much to eat and when.  You can ask as many questions as your little heart desires!! Take notes and then together we can keep moving forward.

Complete this application to be considered for a spot in the group.
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7 Day Quick Start Weight Loss Plan