The holiday hustle and bustle is in full effect.  I mean it’s so in full effect that we easily forget to eat right and we quickly make excuses.  I mean I find myself making excuses because it’s cold outside and dark at 5 pm.  I feel my energy level beginning to dip, I am more tired and I am slacking in the eating department.  But I’m not horrible with my eating, it is just not where it needs to be.  So when I feel myself slipping back into a little worse habits I don’t jump on the scale to assess the damages because lets be honest.  Our clothes are going to tell the true story.  Mine are telling me to stop eating that extra serving of carbs each day!!!

So it’s time for a holiday game plan INTERVENTION!!!

1.  Just because it’s the holidays, it’s not a time to use the excuse “I’ll start after the holidays because I’m to busy.”  My thought is this, I’m getting P90X3 and I’m paying to upgrade the shipping so that I can jump start my holiday fitness plan.  Having something new to keep my focus and interest is exactly what will keep me engaged!  The fact that it’s only 30 minutes 6 days a week is totally doable. There are no room for the “I don’t have enough time excuse.”

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My next workout

2.  I am getting back on track with my 1 cheat meal per week.  Even with the holiday season approaching and all of the parties, get togethers and cookie exchanges its easy to have 1 cookie here, a drink at happy hour, and a cheat meal with friends on Saturday night.  Before you know it, the hard work you are putting in with your workouts has just been cancelled out by the handfuls here and there.
So, schedule in that cheat meal!

For me, this week I am going out for drinks with my friends on Thursday.  That’s my cheat! Then, Saturday is a christmas party and I’m choosing a healthy option on the menu! It’s on track the rest of the week!  I’m staying focused!  I want to rock my dress at my holiday get together!!!

Keep a food journal to stay on track
My meal plan journal so far!

I am also going to start tracking my food in my food journal!  You can use a food journal or even an online site like, Myfitnesspal to keep it in perspective of what you are eating!

3.  Pre-Eating. So how many people have holiday parties that they know there will be ZERO good options at?  I can truthfully tell you that it happens more often than not! So the one thing I can tell you is not to leave it to chance.  If I don’t know what the menu will be I always drink a shake before I go.  Then, if we are asked to bring an appetizer I always take something that I can eat. The layered hummus dip or the edamame salad are really great options for your parties!!  Then you can load up on what you brought and still enjoy the company.

A little pre eating happening right here!
Shake before headed to a party!

4.  Don’t skip your workout.  Especially on my cheat or splurge meal days I really focus on getting my workout in.  I even try to make it a more intense workout to really get my heart rate up and feel that after burn effect.  I want to know that I am earning my meal that night!  In my mind, the worst I can do is take a rest day and eat a high calorie meal.  So this is my way of having a good balance.

5.  Lastly, google healthy alternatives to the things you love!  I found this peppermint bark white russian recipe that sounded amazing and my husband and I were able to clean it up and make a healthier version to save on calories but so I can still enjoy a drink or two.
I use google to find healthy alternatives all the time!  It really makes a huge difference and truly saves you the calories.

Tis the season to be fit, healthy and share it with others!  Have a healthy holiday!!!!  This is your life and your health, live it the way you want to!