I have been so busy lately with getting ready for Christmas, working with my challengers and keeping everyone on track for the holidays that when I sat down today to compile the results of my Holiday challenge groups 30 day weigh in I just about fell off my chair!  Their numbers absolutely rocked my world!

check out these stats!  These were 30 day results from my Dream Team Challenge Group.  They all committed to a fitness program like T25, Insanity, P90X, Turbofire, Chalene Extreme along with replacing 1 meal a day with Shakeology, following the clean eating principles and have really rocked the last 30 days.  I have to note that mixed in there was Thanksgiving!  We literally weighed in the Tuesday after Thanksgiving.  I will be totally honest. We haven’t been perfect, we scheduled in our cheat meals, we enjoyed our turkey day feast but we did it in moderation! That is the key to success with any weight loss program!  Every program is successful if you stick to it!!!! 

 Each of these challengers committed to not looking back, to not crash dieting to making this a lifestyle change and to not get mad at the scale if it doesn’t move as fast as we would like!  Because we work together as a team, lifting each other up every day and supporting each other through temptations, late night snacking, cravings, social events and more we have results to show!  I’m so proud of these challengers and I just had to share it with you!  This really does work!  

TeamBeachbody Success Stories
Weight Loss Success Stories, The Dream Team

Not only are they going through physical transformations but they are going through mental and health transformations as well!  Sherri is a challenger of mine and brand new coach who has struggled with migraines her whole life. When she posted this today I pretty much cried when I saw her post.  This is amazing! The fact that  Shakeology, Clean eating and having the will power and support from others could make this all possible is just what I love most!!!

Customer Testimony

Challenger #2:  Kelli has been watching me forever and finally decided to join my challenge group and do T25!  Mind you, she is also pregnant and battling the wonderful morning sickness!  But her testimony this am was mind blowing!  I know there are a ton of people out there that are Starbucks addicts to!  Myself included, I seriously would drink a pumpkin spice latte at least 3 times a week in the fall. The Starbucks drive thru was conveniently located on my way to the grocery store.  I always view it as a drink and never really accounted for the calories that I was ingesting. But, when I started to become more aware of what I was eating and the quality of my food I quickly realized how much I was actually taking in from liquids. The simple act of replacing 1 meal with shakeology for me plus eating healthier meals really cut back my cravings and kept me full.  Now I am the same as Kelli, I would much rather have that feeling of confidence than a latte! 🙂  So proud of you Kelli!!!

Are you guilty of this?  Do you do the squat and stretch when you put on a new pair of jeans?  Do you hope that if you stand up and sit down a few times they will loosen so that your muffin top doesn’t hang over it?  Or maybe you are like me and you throw on an extra large sweater so no one can see it! Yup, that’s me right there!  I used to choose my clothes based on which outfit didn’t show my muffin top.  Now I wear what I want because I can!!!!

Challenger Success Story
Team Beachbody Transformation Story

It’s getting transformation stories like this come across your newsfeed that jolts me to reality. You are truly changing someone’s life every single day!  This makes me feel complete!

It’s so nice to know that you have a place to check in each and every day and know that you are on the right track and someone is in your corner helping you to succeed! 24/7 whatever it takes! That is what the Dream Team Challenge is all about!

Today is a day to celebrate the succes of YOU, my challengers and MY followers!!!  Shout out your weight loss succes below!  You deserve a round of applause!!!!!  

If you are just starting your journey!  Contact me to be a part of my upcoming challenge groups so you can be well on your way to a lifestyle change of your own.