When you are a little girl and you play dress up and you dream about what your life is going to look like, what did you say you wanted to be?  Did you say you wanted to be a Doctor, Lawyer, Teacher, Stay at Home Mom, or like my husband Garbage Man! 😉  I know I wanted to be a teacher and even for a while there I wanted to be a model!  I had big dreams of being a stay at home mom, doing crafts all day with my kids, cooking and cleaning and just doing the mom thing!  I honestly am perfectly fine with this life and I love the fact that I get to enjoy my 2 boys every single day!  But what I didn’t know was that God had a different plan for me.  A plan that I could of never dreamed up even if I tried!

I started as a challenger with my coach Nikki 2 1/2 years ago doing Insanity to lose the 30+ lbs that I had gained after 2 pregnancies.  I loved the experience so much that I became a coach so that I could inspire others to do the same.  My goal was literally to transform 1 persons life through a challenge group.  I had no idea what Success Club points were, what an emerald, diamond or star diamond coach was.  I didn’t care about making money, I just wanted to help people.  But I did have this part of me that always liked to DREAM BIG.  I honestly love to help others and I didn’t know that I could help others and have success doing it.

My before and after

When I signed as a coach, NO JOKE no one thought it was a good idea!  My husband said I would never be successful, my family blocked or unfriended me on facebook and they mocked my healthy lifestyle.  Trust me, it stings a little, but what I have learned through this process is that I am a very determined woman!  When you tell me that I can’t do something watch out because I’m going to prove you wrong.  That was the beginning of my journey as a coach!

December 20th last year

Just 1 year ago, I was a 2 Star Diamond Coach, I hit the Elite qualifications in the last month of the year by the skin of my teeth.  No one knew who I was, I was a newer coach and I wasn’t on anyones radar yet.  I had top 10 on my dream board but I wasn’t so sure how that would go down.  But hey, why not!!!!  I’m not the type of person to shout it from the rooftops that I want to be top 10 or 15 star.  I have this thing where I am afraid to fail so I just don’t tell anyone what I am doing until I actually do it. Then it’s totally cool either way if I don’t make it!!! But in my own mind, its do or die!  I just don’t like to publicly proclaim it!

From there I made my focus about developing a system to train my team, to motivate my coaches and to take what success I was having and duplicate it with them.  I developed a coach training academy, changed, tweaked and perfected it.  I helped to pilot a coach basics program for corporate and I rolled that out with a team of coaches at Leadership this year.  I ran Diamond Dashes, Emerald push groups, focus groups and weekly team meetings.  I basically did whatever it took to teach my coaches how to succeed and reach their goals. We learned together, we failed together and we became a strong family.
Today I am writing this as a brand new 15 Star Super Star DIAMOND Beachbody Coach!

What does that mean? It means that I have personally sponsored 15 lifetime diamond coaches on my team.  I actually have 17 diamonds right now!  It means that I do not go out there and sell a program or product but I help other people build a successful Team Beachbody Business by teaching them how I  have had success myself.  It’s being able to teach, lead and motivate others to achieve their goals.  It’s managing diverse personalities, hosting team calls, running apprenticeship and new coach camps and helping other people reach their health and fitness goals.  It’s the highest rank you can achieve within the organization and there are currently only 13 coaches who have ever achieved that rank!!!!!  It’s kind of a big exciting milestone!

Super Star Diamond Coach Melanie Mitro

I didn’t do this alone, I did this with these amazing individuals   17 diamond coaches in the dream team, 3 5 Star Diamond Coaches, 2, 2 Star Diamond coaches and more emeralds than I can count!  The Dream Team is growing by leaps and bounds.  Every Thursday the rank advancements blow my mind and their success is a direct reflection of their ability to motivate others to get into the best shape of their life.  This year our team has moved from the 7th spot in the organization to currently the #2 team in the entire network of over 130,000 coaches!  We are the second fastest growing team and they are just on fire!  If you were to step into our team page you would immediately feel the energy and buzz!  They truly are an inspiration to me every single day!  This is a picture of the fearless diamonds that made this day possible! They are my whole world and I love them to pieces!

Because my focus was on growing my team and helping them to achieve their goals my income was directly affected.  Over the past 12 months our income has grown over 700%!  Seriously who can give themselves a raise like that!  The kicker is, it’s all because you are doing something that you love.  So bottom line, if you believe that you are being called to do something, do it!!!  Don’t wait until the conditions are right, the stars aline! Go after what you want with a club, and don’t get clouded by those that fail to see the bigger picture!!  When you believe in YOU, amazing things can happen!

So like I said before! There is no “I” in team!  This is a group effort, we work together and we are here to create a trusting relationship, bond and business that will help other people!  I am proud to call you my family, my friends and if I was to get stuck on a desserted Island you better believe I would want to be with each of you!!!  Every day you make smile and I would give my right arm for you!

I love you all!!!!

Sara Stakeley- My first transformation, my first diamond, my BGC and my very bestest friend!  No matter what we have been through over the past 2 years we are stil standing strong!  I want you to know that I believe in you.  I know there is something big about to happen for you!  I want you to know that you are MEANT to INSPIRE others to make their dreams come true!!!  I love you!!!!

Katy Ursta-For crying out loud you just had a baby and you are 5 star qualifying and elite qualified for this year!  Holy Moly!  You rock!  Seriously on a side note, YOU I LOVE YOU GIRL!  I mean I must say to Matt on a daily basis, “Man I really love Katy Ursta”  I mean I truly love your energy, your positivity, your smile and most of all I love love love your sense of humor!  You are someone I want to be around!  You made this happen working full time as a teacher, with 2 kids and the responsibilities that every other mom has!!!  You truly are an inspiration every single day!

5 Star Diamond Elite Coach Katy Ursta

5 Star Diamond Team URSTA

Jackie Zagurasky- Hey pretty lady!  My fellow ladybug and mother hen!  Yup that’s your nickname “Mother hen”  I was so impressed at summit how you just made sure everyone was taken care of and happy!  You have a sweet spot in my heart and I love how no matter what you just keep trucking along!  I’m beyond proud of you and the fact that you have accomplished some big goals this year!  Next year is going to get even better! Trust me!!!  We are putting our game face on!!!

Dream Team Diamond Coach Jackie Zagurasky
Diamonds in Vegas

Deidra Penrose- Cousin, 5 Star Diamond COACH and Elite qualified and coach for just about a year! Seriously, when I was looking at what you had written down for your goals it was to be 2 star by the end of this year!  Well, good thing I told you to dream bigger!!  You have a killer transformation, 2 beautiful boys and a wonderful husband.  You have attracted an amazing team and I’m so proud of you! I know you have that same drive and determination that I do!  That is why I know next year is all yours!!! 🙂

Insanity, P90X, Turbofire and Shakeology Transformation
5 Star Diamond Elite Beachbody Coach, Dream Team
5 Star Diamond Elite Beachbody Coach

Melinda Besinaiz– Mom, wife, friend, coach and turbo girl!  Sweet as pie and willing to give her right arm for anyone!  Love you and everything that you have accomplished.  I just can see that you are a stone throw away from Star Diamond!  I am so blessed to have you, your smile and your friendship!  Honestly, I really value you and all that you bring to our team!!!!

Diamond Dream Team Coach Melinda

Alyssa Schomaker-  My crazy clone!  Seriously 3 kids, nurse, and now 3 Star Diamond, Elite Qualified coach in under a year!  Now isn’t that some amazing stuff!  You have a rockin body and a killer team!  You are just one of those women that put your mind to something and you go for it!!!  I am pretty sure that next year you are going to be top 10!  You are finishing the year in the top 100 and that is quite amazing for only being a coach for 1 year!!!!  I’m so proud of you!!!  You are always thinking bigger and are two steps ahead of the game!  You think like a CEO!!!

Alyson Horcher-  Sorority sister, amazing transformation with Chalean Extreme, mom of 2, Diamond Coach, true friend and amazing personality!  You are genuine, heart felt and kind!  Your family is precious and you are a great example of the perfect mom!  Even if you don’t feel like it, you are a great mom!  I am totally inspired by your giving and loving nature!!! 🙂  You spend time with your customers, coaches and friends and I value your trust! Thank you for all that you do for this team!!!

Jaime Messina- Even though we have never met I feel like you are a close friend.  You are amazing at running challenge groups, at helping others lose weight and you know how to be a positive influence to those around you!  You have some emerging leaders on your team and you are well on your way to achieving your big dreams next year!!!

Kaileigh Hennessey- My gorgeous 2 Star Diamond Coach!!!!  When I give you a deadline you know how to execute it!  Holy Moly you are a rock star!  You have attracted some amazing coaches to your team, you are reaching your goals and you are thinking ahead to next year! There is no stopping you!  I believe in you and your ability to continually grow into a fabulous leader!!!!  Thank you for being a great friend!  It means the world to me!!!

Shannon Wilbur- Shannon found me, she interviewed me to be her coach and decided that I had a teaching style that jived with her! Man she truly did her homework!  But truthfully she doesn’t need me, she went diamond in record time and is accomplishing her goals!  Right now she is getting married in Mexico!!  We are about to make a master plan for Shannon’s success for 2014 when she gets back! So watch out!

Jamie Okopal- Mom of 2 boys, nurse anesthetist and great coach!  Truly a great person all around. Willing to help anyone and has great ideas to go over and above to get the job done!  I’m so blessed to have you here on my team, adding value to my coaches and to growing yourself.  Its not always easy but the benefits of helping others is totally worth it!!!

Katie Pivowar- My beautiful diamond coach who can light up the room with her killer smile! She’s my crazy cat lady, but seriously I love it!  She’s a crazy cat lady in a cute way!  Her facebook posts make me want to squeeze her on a daily basis and her transformation made me cry!  She is dedicated, determined and totally a rock star!!!  I have no doubt that you are going to be a star diamond coach very very soon!!!!

Katie Pivowar Insanity Transformation Dream Team Diamond coach

Ashley Krekelberg- I am pretty sure you work well under pressure!  You always know how to make it happen in crunch time and you have had incredible success with Insanity in your own journey!!!  I couldn’t be more proud to have you as a down to earth good hearted woman on my team!!!!

Marlena Hedine- DARN IT GIRL!!!  You said you just wanted to be a discount coach!!!  So you are under my hubby but dang you are tearing it up!  2 Star Diamond, Premiere qualified and rocking the house!  You are determined and I know if you say you are doing something watch out because it’s going to happen!!!!

Robyn Buzzi- THE SWEETEST GIRL I KNOW!  You are always smiling and full of positive energy!  I just love you to pieces! Thank you for being amazing and really giving 100% to helping your customers!  I’m so very blessed to have you on my team!!!

Last but not LEAST the man of my dreams, my rock, my biggest critic but my biggest supporter!  He dare not tell me I can’t because I WILL!  He is the one that brings me back down to earth when I get a little crazy, he puts things in perspective and he lays out all the facts!  He’s my rational thinker, my analyzer and my better half!  Thank you for putting up with me, my craziness and being there for me every step of the way!  You have made just as many sacrifices in this process as I have!  Without you, this would not be possible!  I love you more than words can ever express!!!  This is not just my success but our success and we are a team and I’m glad to be in this with you!!!

15 Star Super Star Diamond Coach Melanie Mitro

Last night I had the chance to sit down with my husband at dinner and just reflect on everything that has just occurred!  We talked about the past year and we looked forward to next year!  What’s next on the list you may ask?  Well, I’m not stopping now. I’m dedicating 2014 to The Dream TEAM!  I am committing to providing them with the very best guidance and support, training and mentoring programs that I can create.  My goal is create a system for my coaches that helps them achieve success as quickly as possible.  My goal is to continue to be a fearless leader and show them the way!  If I can do it, so can they!  The Dream Team has big plans and a BIG heart and when you put those two together you better believe it’s DYNAMITE!!!!

(note, I made this video on a whim and didn’t edit it!  It’s from the heart, it’s how I feel and I apologize if it doesn’t make sense bc I am still so excited and amazed at everything!!!!)

Before I get started on next year though, it’s important to enjoy what I have now (as my mentor Jeremy Redd would say).   I need to stop and smell the roses and really enjoy this process!  As I write this, with tears in my eyes I cannot say how completely and honestly blessed I am.  I have an amazing coach Nikki who has taught me compassion and trust.  I have an amazing team, I believe in them, I trust them 100% and no matter what they would be there for me as much as I am for them!  They are irreplaceable!!  You know in the corporate world you hear the phrase all the time “you can be replaced”.  Well that is the farthest thing from the truth on my team!  Not one of my team members is replaceable and each one of them is worth every ounce of energy and time!!  I love you all!!! I just want you to know that!!!  I believe in you TEAM and I know that you can achieve all your goals and dreams to!  Next year IS YOUR YEAR!!!!!!!!

Dream Big Quotes

So now what?!?  What do you do the day after you achieve the BIGGEST GOAL OF YOUR LIFE???
Well for me, I don’t change a thing!  This morning my alarm went off at 5 am and I was so excited that I got my P90X3 yesterday that I had to get started today!  So here I am pressing play and getting a head start on my P90X3 transformation so that I can lead my P90X3 test group and show them the way!!!

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