My favorite holiday is hands down CHRISTMAS!  I love the music, the smells and giving gifts to others!  But of course they always come out with the cutest stuff during the holidays!  If you are like me you find yourself picking a little something extra for yourself at every store!  One for the babysitter and one for me!  A shirt for my sister in law and  a scarf for me!  Now come on, don’t lie, you know you do it too!  If your husband is like mine then you oh so nicely tuck it away with the other gifts and it just magically appears on your body!  Voila, no questions asked!

Melanie Mitro’s Fit Christmas List

So I wanted to give you a sneak peak into my Christmas list and the things that are on my must have list! 

1.  Under Armour HeadbandsSeriously who doesn’t want something to hold their hair back while they  work up a sweat. There is nothing worse than hair in your face!!!  Plus they are super cute and come in a lot of really cool colors.  I like that they have those little grips on the back to keep them from sliding around.

2.  The Wunder Under Lululemon Pant:  They fit like a glove, they last forever and they are beyond cute!!!  They are worth every single penny that they to purchase.  I really hope Santa AKA Matt leaves these under my tree!

3.  Yes I want this gorgeous Michael Kors diamond bracelet.  I am a sucker for anything sparkly and this one does the trick.  I even took a picture and messaged it to my wonderful husband from the store.

4.  Nike Free TR Fit 3 PRT Training Shoe:  Love my Nike Free’s.  Honestly they let you move from side to side, pivot and twist without compromising form or comfort.  Plus they are super cute!  Definitely a must need on your fit friends list!
5.  Can you say Sparkly Velour Pants with a matching jacket!  Yes, Please!!!!  Totally in love with these pants and the good thing is that I will get lots of use out of them since I work from home! 

6.  A Creme Winter Peacoat from Banana Republic.  I have been on the hunt for a creme colored winter jacket.  They are absolutely sleek and gorgeous and I am always looking for something other than black!  

7 The Diet Starts Here- Tosca Reno- brand new book by my favorite author Tosca Reno.  She taught me how to eat clean and how to make it a part of my lifestyle.  This has become a lifestyle that we all live and I want to share that with others.  I’m adding this to my list of things to read so that I can help my customers and challengers get better results.

8. Sabika Necklace and earrings- Blue and Diamond Color.  Again, love the sparkle, glitz and glam!  If you would see my house for christmas there are sparkles everywhere!  Diamonds on the mantle and white lights.  I’m totally a chabby chic kind of girl, surrounded by boys!  

9.  New Parfume- But for the heck of me I have no idea what kind I want!  Any ideas?!?!

10.   My fun splurge- Not really on my christmas list but I saw both of these and died and went to heaven!  If I could have them both it would be a CHRISTMAS to remember!  Who wouldn’t want to sport Blue Tiffany’s sunglasses and matching pumps!  Can I get a heck yeeah!!!!!

8.  Here are a few things that I already have but I think are great gifts for those that are into fitness and want to spice it up!!!!
Energy and endurance is like a little burst of energy without the jitters!  It is the reason I make it up at 5 am most mornings and can complete a killer workout!  Plus I like that I can still have my cup of coffee after I am done and it’s not to much caffeine!
Golds Gym Interlocking Mats from Walmart.  No matter where you workout whether it’s the basement floor or the carpet in your living room.  Having a proper surface to workout on is key to feeling like you are getting a good workout.  If you are on a hard floor this provides you cushion to your back and shock when you jump.  If you are on the carpet it keeps you from matting down the carpet or sweating on the floor!  They are inexpensive and you can duct tape the mats on the back so they don’t pull apart. I got 2 packs and taped them together!

Polar FT4 Heart Rate Monitor:  This is another one of my favorite workout sidekicks.  I wear my Polar FT4 with the chest strap everyday when I workout.  My goal is always burn more calories than I did the day before!  It’s like a game that I play with myself.  How good of a workout can I aim to have!!  They are fairly inexpensive and worth the investment.  Think of it as a great little stocking stuffer.  

The Best Weights- Select Tech Weights.  I got these weights for my birthday last year and they were the best investment ever.  I don’t have to worry about having a large selection of weights that take up a lot of space.  I literally have these weights in my basement in the corner and both my husband and I can both use them!!
Last but not least this is my all time favorite workout!  Focus T25 is 25 minutes 5 days a week and the results are killer!  The modifications are top notch and I cannot say enough good things about T25 and it’s ability to produce amazing results.  Plus you can have me for the continued support!  Double BONUS!!!

I hope you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!  
What’s on your Christmas wish list this year!