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One thing I have gotten in the habit of doing over the past few years is setting goals for myself and periodically reflecting on how I am doing at meeting those goals but also setting goals for myself in the following months and years.  So over the past few days I have been really reflecting about where I see myself over the next 12 months.  It’s just downright amazing to look back at the goals I set for myself in 2013 and to see how much life can truly change in just 12 short months.  So last year I went into the year really wanting to improve my leadership skills and to develop a coach training system that I could duplicate with my team.  I started off the year with just that, creating and piloting a coach training program with my team.  But then, in March I had the opportunity to be a part of a corporate test group called coach basics!  It was like a match made in heaven.  I embraced the process, individualized it to meet my needs and then duplicated it with my team! What resulted was something just mind blowing!!!!  Because my number 1 goal last year was to improve my coach training process I was able to surpass my personal goals.
So below is my dream board for last year:
  1. 7 Star Diamond Coach by December 2013
  2. Help 500 people reach their health and fitness goals
  3. Attend leadership in Dana Point California
  4. Achieve Success Club 10 every month
  5. Help 3 of my coaches get to star diamond
  6. Average $2,000 a week by June
  7. Elite coach 2013
  8. Remodel our kitchen

Melanie Mitro Dream Board

So what did I actually achieve last year?  So for starters I definitely helped over 500 people achieve their health and fitness goals through my challenge groups and my coaches groups. I run challenge groups every month directed at clean eating, developing a healthy lifestyle and teaching you how to make exercise and a healthy lifestyle just a part of who you are.

Follow your Dreams, Live life to the fullest Quotes

I started out last year as a 2 star diamond coach and I wanted to end the year as a 7 star diamond coach. Instead, I blew through that goal and landed myself at 15 Star or Super Star Diamond Coach.  This is the highest rank you can achieve in the company and there are about 13 coaches that have ever achieved this rank.  I truly believe that I have achieved this because of the PUSH goal I set for myself and that was to improve my coach training process.  Now I have duplicated that training with my team and together we are growing by leaps and bounds.

How to be a successful team beachbody coach

I did attend the Leadership event in Dana Point California last year and I was also asked to speak at the event on the coach apprenticeship program.  I had the opportunity to be a trainer and roll out this program to the rest of the network.

Elite Team Beachbody Coach, Leadership Training

I achieved success club 10+ every single month of the year which gives me an extra $1,000 for the Success Club Cruise in March in which I earned the free vacation as well.

Earn Free Trips for helping others achieve their fitness goals

I wanted to help 3 coaches get to Star Diamond in 2013.  Actually I was able to help 3 coaches get to Elite Status, 2 Coaches get to premiere and 1 coach get to star diamond.  So I actually completely blew past that goal and I’m so excited because that right there means that I am duplicating success and leading my team in the right direction.

Successful Team Beachbody Coach Training

Because my focus was on helping my coaches my volume increased not to 8,000 but to over 36,000 on my weak leg!  That right there is the power of duplication.

My goal was to average $2,000 a week by June 2013 which I comfortably did and over the past 12 months my income has grown 900%.  Which when you look at it, it’s almost unheard of!  There is almost no other career out there that can cause that drastic of growth that is directly related to the effort you put in each day.  Truthfully, how many people out there go through their jobs every day busting their butt to get a few dollar raise each year!  We work hard, but we do not get compensated like you can with Beachbody.  I must say on a regular basis to pinch me because this can’t be real.

My goal was to be an elite coach in 2013.  Well I did that within the first few months of the year and then I went on to dominate the leader board.  I am ending the year as the #2 coach in the entire Team Beachbody Network of over 150,000 coaches.  This means that I have the ability to not just sell products, but instead this rank is determined by how well I can lead a team!  For being a top 10 coach I also won a trip to Italy in July of 2014.  All expenses paid, first class trip with the rest of the top 10!!!

Elite Team Beachbody Coach

I also had the goal to speak on the national wake up call and I got to do that in May of this year.  I was also asked to come back and speak in the fall again about leadership!  What an honor!!!!

The last thing on my list was to remodel our kitchen.  While we didn’t remodel our kitchen, YET we will be officially starting that construction in March!!!  I’m so excited to get the kitchen I really want!  The one thing that I didn’t plan for this year that we accomplished was that we paid off my student loans!  This was a huge weight lifted off of our shoulders because we originally said it was going to take us until Landon who is our oldest graduated from high school.  That was a freeing feeling!!!

So, now that I have recapped last year and what has been accomplished what can next year hold?
What do I want to accomplish?  Well I had to really really think long and hard about how I wanted this year to look.  Setting goals is one thing I don’t take lightly.  So now that I have achieved some huge achievements I am switching up my strategy quite a bit.

My motto for 2014 is to work SMARTER NOT HARDER!!!  I want to make sure that I am spending my time and energy on the tasks that mean the most to me.  I want to revamp my challenge groups to include new tips, motivation, accountability and support to my customers.  This is the one area that hits home to me because I started as a challenger.  I want my customers to get the exact same support that I got when I started!  This has already been in the works so my next challenge groups get the new and improved!

Melanie Mitro, 2014 Push Goal

Secondly, I created a training program for my coaches last year but this year I am spicing it up!  I want to really focus on developing leaders on my team.  I am investing in leadership training that I can come back and duplicate with my team and grow even more confident leaders in our organization.

My goal is to help 7 of my personally sponsored coaches hit Elite in 2014.
I want to help 2 of my personally sponsored coaches earn the Elite 10 adventure.
My goal is to have a cumulative of 30 Diamonds in my own personal organization.  I want to lead by example and teach my coaches that no matter what your background, lifestyle, current situation you too can be a successful coach.  I will continue to hold weekly team calls, new coach apprenticeship programs, leadership calls and mentor my team on a 1:1 basis.  I have no intention of slowing down.  Instead, I am about to light it on fire!  2013 proved to be a year that I will never forget.  Starting as a 2 star diamond coach and ending as a 15 Star Diamond coach ranking #2 in the company and growing some amazing leaders was just my warm up!   I also want to provide my team with a portal for trainings, webinars, files and documents that are easily accessible and remote so that no matter where you are you can access a well organized system.  This will help to increase our duplication and get new coaches started right.

Melanie Mitro 2014 Dream Board

My commitment to those that are on my team and to those that are joining my team is this!  We are not slowing down, we will not go stale, we will improve our processes, we will be even more successful, we will be a family, a team that works together and a team that supports each other in all that we do!  We will continue to share our knowledge and tips with each other and we will continue to be a team that has very high standards.  To my team I promise this, I have your back, I trust you and you can trust me!!  So lets make 2014 a year to REMEMBER!!!!!  Top COACH?!?!?  Maybe, I think just maybe we can pull that off!  But it’s a team effort, it takes everyone working together but I feel confident that we can absolutely make that happen!

For my fitness, my goal is to complete the 21 day fix which will come out in February of this year.  My goal is to tighten up my diet and stay disciplined enough to lean out and really achieve the build I am working on.  I really do great but then I get comfortable and stop progressing!  I eat clean but to be lean that takes even more discipline.

Be the first to know about the 21 day fix

My personal goal is to continue to grow in personal development and attend at least 1 seminar this year that focuses on personal growth and leadership.

The most important thing is this—>  BALANCE!  I strive to maintain a healthy balance between my passion and my family! They are the ones that matter the most!  At the end of my life I want my husband and kids to know that they are my driving force, my reason for working hard and that my work doesn’t mean more than they do!!  I hope to continue to build this future that is full of happiness, love and compassion!

So, now that I have shared with you all of my sappy goals and my inner thoughts I want you to know this!  If you have ever considered becoming a coach or want to know more about coaching now is the time.  It’s the start of a new year, a new opportunity to get connected to those that care about their health and fitness and to those that are seeking to better themselves, physically, emotionally and financially.  If you are looking to earn extra income or replace a current income please contact me today.  I am accepting applications for my next coach apprenticeship program.  I will only accept a limited number of people because my goal is to provide you with the best quality of service, guidance and support.  Realistically I can only do that for a small amount at a time!  So if you would like to be mentored by a top coach, someone who is passionate about helping others and has proven that my system works I encourage you to fill out the application below to be considered for a spot on my team.

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