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Week 3 P90X3 Progress Update

Geez where the heck do these weeks go!  I feel like they fly by faster than I can keep track of them.  The good thing is that I am on track and seeing results with P90X3.  I have a love hate relationship with a few of the workouts but no doubt it is challenging me in all the right ways.  Just when I think I’ve mastered it all I do a workout that challenges my strength and I perfect my strategy!!!

So what’s week 3 all about! Well I am still doing the classic phase and the workouts are the same for weeks 1 through 3.

The Workouts:
Monday:Total Synergistics which I love
Tuesday:  Agility X
Wednesday:  X3 Yoga
Thursday:  The Challenge
Friday:  CVX
Saturday:  The Warrior
Sunday:  Rest or Dynamix
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Hello Yoga, P90X3

P90X3 Warrior
This is my crazy hair, early morning cardio face!  BLAH!

This week instead of doing the challenge I decided to toy around with the accelerator workout!  Oh man can you say love it!!!!!  Seriously a favorite for sure!  I had a great time and totally enjoyed this week.

Physical Changes:  I can really see my abs starting to pop back again.  I attribute that to the increased metabolism, the attention to my nutrition and the kick in the pants with my focus and determination.  With only 68 days until the Success Club cruise sets sale to the Caribbean I have no time to dilly dally!  (Yes I said dilly dally!)


So what is my meal plan looking like this week?  I am a basic girl, plain jane type of coach!  If it ain’t broken don’t fix it!  So I tend to choose the same things over and over and vary the dinners.  I also tend to stay low on the carbs and grapes and cheese are a treat to me!  I gave myself some leniency this week but now it’s game on!  All of my recipes can be found under the Eat Clean Recipes tab on my blog.

P90X3 Weekly Meal Plan, Women's Progress Update
Every day for breakfast you can see that I drink my Shakeology.  I am slightly addicted to chocolate Shakeology because I love chocolate and it is my one sweet fix.  Well, I was lucky enough to get 3 samples of the new Whey Protein Strawberry Shakeology.  Let me just tell you this stuff is downright amazing.  I am sure that most of you have had the Nesquik Strawberry milk at one point in your life, right?!?!  Well if you have then you will LOVE THIS!  I mixed it with 1/2 cup almond milk 3/4 cup water, the packet of Strawberry Shakeology and shook it up.  It was not gritty, clumpy and it did not have a bad after taste.  It was smooth, creamy and dreamy!  I switched my current order of chocolate to strawberry and I am already waiting anxiously for the mailman to deliver it to me!  So if you have ever wanted to try Strawberry, now is the time!!!  Ask me how!
Strawberry Shakeology Review
Strawberry Shakeology Review

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Stay tuned for next weeks update! I will be starting the Week 4 which is called the transition phase!!!!  FUN STUFF!!!!