Ahh Week 4 is like a breathe of fresh air from the daily butt kicking of P90X3.  You don’t think that 30 minutes can pack a punch but seriously it is something fierce that’s for sure!  Week 4 is considered the transition week but I wouldn’t say that it is a rest week but more of a stretch, core, stability and cardio week!  It really challenged me mentally to hold those pilates poses and the Isometrix core stabilization moves!  I actually was sore from the workout!

I started week 4 the day before a HUGE event called Super Saturday for Beachbody that we were hosting here in Pittsburgh, PA.  So I did the first day of the week then took 2 days off.  It messed me up just a bit but Monday I jumped right back in where I left off!  So for Monday’s workout I had a buddy!

Melinda, who is my Diamond Coach from California flew in to come to Super Saturday and celebrate my 15 Star Diamond Accomplishment as a team.  She stayed at our house and we got to workout together and share ideas and help each other with the business!
We did the Isometrix workout together and you can see us below doing the crow!  I won’t lie I was a little shaky on those balance moves! It was tough!  But we got a great workout in before we headed off to Landon’s field trip at a local gymnastics place!

Isometrix P90X3 workout
Crow with Melinda
Workout Partner
Day 2 was Dynamix- I’m not a slow down and breathe type of person so I don’t do well with stretching. Can’t say it was my shining moment!  At least I did it!
Day 3 ACCELERATOR- having a great time kicking some butt with the workout!!!!  Totally love it!  By far one of my favorite workouts!!!!
Day 4 Pilates X  yes I did this workout and I was so STINKIN sore from it that it hurt to LAUGH!!! This is total core engagement and I could most likely stand to do this quite a few more times!!!!  But it was a great workout!!!
Day 5 CVX- I love love love cardio with weights!  I am always dripping sweat after this workout and I feel like I really cover some ground and make some progress when I do CVX.  YES this is the true testament that 30 minute workouts get you RESULTS!  
Check out my flex friday— I see it!  Muscle is there!  Seriously I have the hardest time building muscle, so I always go heavy on the weights.
Flex Friday, P90X3
Day 6 YOGA Restorative and strengthening.  I have such bad core strength and this workout really helps me to target those areas of weakness but slow down from the pounding of my joints with the intense workouts.  I always feel refreshed and ready to take on the rest of the day after this workout.
Day 7 is my day of rest!!!!  It was a great day!!!!  Spent time with the family, went to church, out to lunch and took a nap!  Oh yes, snuggled up on the couch with my little munchkins and took a nap!  Naps are my favorite thing to do!
So, next is block 2 which is phase 2 and it looks like more strength and cardio!  I’m ready for the change and ready to amp up my results.
You know I always like to share my meal plan with you because that’s how I roll.  I like to keep it simple because when I get to fancy with my food I tend not to stick with it.  Plus I like to look ahead at my week and anticipate the nights I am not going to have a lot of time to cook or that I won’t be home until later and those nights become the crockpot meals or quick simple dinners.  I already accounted for my cheat meal of the week which was Bryce’s birthday.  This way I know when I have to be good and when I can splurge. I am a planner and it makes me feel sane!  You might not be that way, but I encourage you to have some sort of plan and not fly by the seat of your pants.
Clean Eating Meal Plan, P90X3
When meal planning consider what you have going on for the week! For example my baby Bryce turned 3 years old. We went to the Japanese Hibachi and I knew I was going to have dessert.  So I planned it into my week.  I knew that was my cheat meal and the rest of the week I was going to stay on track.  It is what I call BALANCE!  It works for me!  I am not an all or nothing and I need somewhere in the middle.
It’s hard to believe my baby boy is 3!!! I actually started my health and fitness journey about 6 months after Bryce was born! 
The awesome BIRTHDAY CAKE unfortunately the cake lady put a 2 instead of a 3 but we fixed it by taking off the 2 and putting the 3 candle in there!  No worries all is good!!!
So now onto next week!  Super excited for block 2!!!!