Welcome to my week 5 progress update of P90X3.  So block 2 is just about the most fun week I have had so far. Beside the fact that I cannot lift my arms above my head and lowering myself to the toilet is quite a chore I really do love the workout.  Sore is a great feeling because it truly means that I am changing the look of my body.  I can feel my arms getting stronger and more toned, plus I can tell that my endurance is getting better.
I really have enjoyed the workout schedule this week.  The eccentric upper and lower workouts really focus on strength training, focus and exhausting a muscle group.  The MMX workout is a great kick butt workout and my upper body {my lats, my arms and my waist} was in some serious hurting after that workout!   A good hurting of course.  I really felt like I was in the right mindset this week with workouts and with my food.  So I finally feel like I am on track.
I have been striving to get 1/2 my body weight in ounces of water each day and that alone is really helping to keep me full, hydrated and energized.
So month 2 is all about confusing your body again.  Just like the original P90X and muscle confusion we are doing that again here! The good thing is that the muscle confusion doesn’t take an hour and 30 minutes! It takes 30 minutes total!!  You still get the same results, you are just more efficient.
The one change in mindset for me is this!  If I am going to workout for only 30 minutes per day then when I hit play on the DVD I am going to literally get in the ZONE for the next 30 minutes and clear everything else out of my mind and give it my all. I find that I burn more calories, I sweat more and my results are better when I find my zone.  Too often we do our workouts and literally just go through the motions so we can check the box off the calendar.  What I find is that my results suffer, my mind is on the trillion other things I have to do and I don’t have that feel good feeling you get after a great workout.  So getting in the ZONE is one sure fire way to get better results!!!
P90X3 Yoga

So the workouts this week are:
Day 1:  Eccentric Upper
Day 2:  Triometrics
Day 3:  X3 Yoga- I am loving the 3o minute yoga and my body totally is needing it too
Day 4:  Eccentric Lower
Day 5:  Incinerator
Day 6:  MMX
Day 7:  Rest or Dynamix {I like to rest} 
P90X3 Eccentric Lower

P90X3 Triometrics
Meal planning for me is what I really need to stay on track.  I find that if I do my workouts but don’t keep my starchy carbs in check then I get the belly bloat.  I also have this KILLER sweet tooth and I have been really fighting the urge to eat sweets lately.  So it’s definitely been a will power battle between myself and the rest of the world and its temptations.  Balance is HARD!!!  Can I get an AMEN!!!
So I try to work in some sweet fixes thru the week. The cocoa roasted almonds are one way I feel like I get a sweet fix but good fats and proteins too!  The coconut cashew bites are one of my all time favorite snacks.  Guilty pleasure for sure!  The weekends are also the hardest time for ME! Even as disciplined as I am there comes a time when you get close to where you want to be and you give in here and there because you don’t think it will matter.  But the little bit here and the little bit there are what FRUSTRATES the heck out of you.  You can literally wake up each Monday morning right back where you started the Monday before.  This leads to little or no progress, frustration and sometimes people throw in the towel and give up.   It truly is those weekends that determine the long term success and the achievement of your fitness goals.
Weekend Warrior Tips
Be a Weekend Warrior
I like to keep it simple, it keeps me on track and I feel accomplished!!!
P90X3 Meal Plan
Now onto week 6!!!! Ready to kick some butt!!!