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The bags are packed, we are officially on the plane to Florida to enjoy a 7 day vacation {no kids} paid for by Team Beachbody for achieving Success Club last year!  I feel like I’ve been waiting for this trip for a lifetime and it’s finally here!  We live in Western PA and seriously yesterday it was a blizzard in the morning and then 50 degrees in the afternoon.  The weather just can’t decide what it wants to do!
So it made it even more enticing to leave this morning! The kids are off to the grandparents and to Aunt Mo’s house and life is good!  The kids were excited we were leaving because they get special time with their grandparents.  We promised to send them pictures of the boat and all the things we are doing!
Team Beachbody Success Club Cruise
I am sitting here on the plane thinking about a few things!  Taking a vacation like this is just not something we would be doing unless this opportunity came into our lives.  The first year  I was a coach I started mid way through the year.  But I earned enough success club points in the first 6 months to qualify for the trip to Atlantis.  But, at that time I wasn’t making a lot of money and we still did not have flexible spending.  Plus my husband was NOT YET a believer in what I was doing so he did not support me going on the trip.  I had to reject the email that confirmed whether I would be attending the Bahamas with the other coaches.  Seriously that was the worst feeling ever!  I hated it, I wanted to be there with everyone else, after all I had busted my butt to get my business started and off the ground.  As I watched all the pictures from the trip flood in I thought to myself, never again will I miss a trip.  I’m going from here on out and I will prove it to my husband.  So when they announced the success club trip to Disney the next year I immediately registered for it regardless if my husband approved.  I worked diligently to hit success club each and every month and not just success club 5 but 10.  There is a perk of hitting 10 instead of 5, you get extra spending cash {$1,000} if you hit 10 for 12 consecutive months.  I was also planning to take my family so we could use that extra money!  I talked about it with my husband as if it was a done deal and honestly he went with it!  We planned, I worked hard, I improved my business and I focused on 1 thing.  If I continue to help other people then the success club points will come, my business will grow and that will flow into income earned for my family! 
Dream Big
I never looked back, I didn’t second guess myself and I just did whatever it took to make it happen.
Now almost 3 years later I sit on this airplane with my husband, on our way to our second success club trip.  A cruise to the Caribbean with a handful of my team members, as a super star diamond coach, top 10 Elite.  Never ever would I have thought that hitting a milestone like success club each month would have a ripple effect in all other aspects of growing my own business.
So when looking at where you want to go as a coach or in life try to not look at the big picture.  It’s a BIG ELEPHANT if you let it!  Instead focus on the small bite size pieces you can chew off along the way. Those incremental steps that if you focus on them will bring about the large successes in your business.  Never say to yourself, “there will always be next month”!  No, we find a way to make it THIS MONTH and every month!  It will pay off in the end and you will develop incredible habits, skills and a booming business!
Seize the day and never give up on the beauty of your DREAMS!!!
2014 Team Beachbody Success Club Trip
On vacation