I promise not to share ALL BUSINESS information with you this week but I have some really exciting news that I want to share with everyone that follows my blog! Then I promise that tomorrow I will post my new Clean Eating Meal Plan and share some more fitness tips!  But today I just want to be excited and share with you all my NEWS!!!!

Every month Team Beachbody releases the networks leaderboards for their top producers and top Coaches in the business.  The top 10 is the creme de la creme of Team Beachbody.  Being in the top 10 doesn’t mean that you can sell a lot of Fitness Programs or Shakeology, instead it means that you are an incredible leader.  Being a top 10 coach means that you are able to take the process you have created for your own business and duplicate it with your team of coaches and customers.  Being a successful coach means that you are not at the top of the pile and everyone else is below you!  It doesn’t mean that you make all the money and everyone else just gets thrown a bone here and there.  What being a successful beachbody coach means is that you live a life where you truly put the needs of others first, you inspire others to dream a little bigger, to imagine the possibilities and to paint a picture of what their life could look like if they achieved it all!  But, instead of just creating a vision what I do is give you the teachable principles, processes and tools to make it happen.  I am not all talk, I am the real deal!  If I say I am going to mentor you, then you bet your bottom dollar that I am going to rock your BUSINESS with you!!!  I am not here to sign up a bunch of coaches on my team and then let you FIGURE IT OUT FOR YOURSELF.  We are in this together, we are a team and in my eyes there is no “I” in team!  When you sign up as a coach you are basically saying that you TRUST ME, that you are trusting that I will lead you in the right direction.  Trust me, I can’t go to bed at night if I feel I led you astray!  
So this brings me to my team, the DREAM TEAM, the team that makes my cup full, that inspires me, pushes me to be a stronger leader, to grow and to be the best that I can be!  I want to be their fearless leader and their rock!  Because of my commitment to them and their ability to match my pace and effort together we have just EARNED the #1 SPOT in TEAMBEACHBODY!  This means that our team is THE most successful team in the entire company!  This means we are duplicating success throughout the entire organization and we are doing it with heart, soul, trust and passion!  Our team has 5 coaches that are in the top 100 of Team Beachbody. There are over 170,000 coaches in the network! I would say that is a pretty awesome accomplishment.
This is a GREAT honor and achievement!  I have for the last 3 years since I signed up as a coach been committed to helping every single person that I come into contact with.  I do my best to be trustworthy and supportive of their health, fitness and financial goals.  I truly believe that I have attracted some amazing leaders to my team because of my commitment to helping the succeed.  Now they are doing it with their own teams as well!  
On Friday when the Elite Leaderboard was published and I received the EMAIL I literally stood at the bottom of the steps starring at my phone!  I was literally numb with excitement that I DID IT!!!!  I literally and the #1 coach in the entire organization.  I seriously never in a million years imagined this day would happen.  You know there are always those things that you say….”wouldn’t it be crazy cool if….”  Well this was one of those things I put out there that would be crazy cool to do!  
The part that I want you to take away today is not that I am the #1 coach, but instead I want you to take away the fact that YOU can do it to!  I want you to know a few things:
1.  I have my Masters Degree in Special Education, my undergraduate degree is Psychology.
2.  I am a stay at home mom from Western Pa.
3.  I have no prior social media or blogging experience.
4.  I am a very motivated person. When I see an opportunity I am driven to accomplish the goal.
5.  I dream REALLY REALLY BIG!  
6.  I love my family, I have 2 sons and a wonderful husband.
7.  I have built this entire business from my kitchen table, basement office, on my home computer and iphone!  You can do it too!
8.  I started Beachbody as a challenger trying to lose my post pregnancy weight.  I did Insanity, drank Shakeology and learned to Eat Clean.
9. I lost 30 lbs and shared my story with others in hopes that I could inspire them to do the same!
10.  I was consistent with sharing tips every day of how to make healthy changes in your own life.
Lastly, I did it because I loved to help others.  I didn’t do it because I could make money.  I don’t see my coaches or customers as a dollar sign or point.  I see them as real people, with real struggles who are confiding in me to help them! That truly transpires into leadership, income and the ability to replace my full time income when I worked (before kids) a few times over!!!  
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I started my business working when my kids napped, before they woke up or after they went to bed at night.  I squeezed an hour here and there.  Then, slowly as my business grew I had a sitter a few hours once a week, now I run my Beachbody business by working 2 and a half days a week!!!  I don’t have to get dressed, take my kids to daycare, drive to an office, or even report to a boss!  I get to wake up, put on my workout clothes, walk to my office downstairs and reach thousands of people on a daily basis from the comfort of my own home.  Plus my fitness is my business!  So the more I stay on track with my  health and fitness the better example I am and the more my business grows! Talk about motivation right there!!!!!
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So now here is the question I have for you!!! Do you read my blog, do you ever wonder if you could be a coach?  Do you ask yourself if you have what it takes?  Well…. DO YOU?!  Do you have this tugging at your heart, this feeling in your gut that says YES I COULD TOTALLY MAKE THIS WORK!!!

Well if that is you, then I challenge you to complete the application below.  Take that leap of faith and gain some more information about coaching on my team!  It’s time to face your fears but know that you can face them in COMFORT that I am there to help you through it!  You only fail if you let yourself fail!  As a leader I am here to mentor you, to guide you and to give you all the tools that I have created to build a 6 figure income in less than 3 years.  I will not let you re-invent the wheel, waste your time, but instead I will enroll you in my 60 day Accelerated Coach Apprenticeship Program that is exclusive to the Dream Team.  Someone else will not mentor you, I WILL!  I am your COACH and I will be there to answer your questions to guide and teach you!!!!  We do weekly team calls, 1:1 calls and small break out calls.  In addition you have access to my closed facebook group where each day you will receive information to help you develop your business from the ground up!  
I of course cannot MAKE you successful.  I can give you the tools that have helped me succeed, but in the end it is your decision to follow my guidance and make it happen!  But if you tell me you want to BLOW it out of the water you better believe I am going to be right there helping you!  If you want to go slow and steady and see where it takes you, then I respect that as well.  I match your pace!  You are the BOSS, you set the tone and we work together!!!!  
So, now what are you waiting for?!  Now is your time?!?! My Accelerated Coach Program is going to kick off on May 5th.  I have a limited number of spots that I have open on my team!  If you would like to be considered please complete the application below and I will contact you ASAP with a detailed response!
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