Dream Team Elite Retreat, Beachbody Leadership Training

I know that many of my followers also follow my facebook page and you may or may not of seen that I was away for the weekend at my Dream Team Elite Retreat Weekend.  So what is that you might ask?

Dream Team Elite Retreat, Leadership Training, Top Coach, Pittsburgh

This event was developed by my leadership team which consists of my 3 Elite coaches, Deidra Penrose, Katy Ursta and Alyssa Schomaker and my Premiere coach Kaileigh Hennessey.  The 5 of us put our heads together and developed an entire weekend devoted to providing our Diamond and above coaches with training to help them grow personally and in their business.  We discussed the needs of our teams and our current struggles and obstacles and created an agenda that focused on a few specific areas.  We really truly wanted to spend quality time with our leaders to create a sense of community and support.  Plus as busy full time moms, working women we could always use a little time away!

Pittsburgh Team Beachbody Leaders
Masterminding with the Elite

Leadership is Fun, Elite Retreat
Having fun with my BFF Katy URSTA!!!  Never a dull moment!

Every new leader struggles with the same exact things.  Fear of failure/rejection, time management, dealing with different personality styles in your business, getting a new coach started right and points of a great leader.  Through this weekend we spent time getting to know each other, break out sessions, group discussion and activities that definitely challenged us to the point where we were a little uncomfortable.

Topics included:  Handling Objections, Elite Panel, Color code personality test, Vision Statements, Time Management, Qualities of exceptional leaders, Setting goals and overcoming fear.

Color code, Dream Team, Yellow, Fun
we learned about personality styles and these are the YELLOWS!!!!  FUN FUN FUN!!!

We rented a house in Deep Creek Maryland which is a large lake community with gorgeous homes tucked into the mountain side.  The place slept 30 people with a large great room, kitchen, dining area, indoor pool, hot tub, sauna and beautiful view of the lake!  The house was absolutely breathtaking and we enjoyed the ability to be able to stay together in one place.

We also hosted Corporate Trainer LeeAnne Ruff to our event. She was kind enough to be present and to provide us with training and leadership on specific key areas of our business as well!  Her presence was absolutely electrifying.  I loved every single minute of her presentation and the value that she brought to the table.  I was taking pages of notes myself!  I first met LeeAnne while piloting the Coach Basics Program last year and ever since I have been absolutely inspired by her and rightfully so! She has amazing content from previous experience as a top performer in her network marketing company.

Team Beachbody Corporate Training, Elite Retreat, LeeAnne Ruff, Melanie Mitro, Beachbody Coach Pittsburgh PA
LeeAnne Ruff Corporate Training and Field Development for Beachbody

But more than the house that we rented and the beautiful view was the people that I was able to spend the weekend with.  30 Diamond coaches and above together for 1 weekend and the sole purpose was to develop relationships with each other, to learn and to grow into amazing leaders.  We did just that.  We not only had a blast, laughed and cried but we set goals for our businesses that pushed the comfort zone.  We empowered each other to believe in our dreams.  We challenged our fears about why we were holding back and we came up with an action plan that we could go forth and implement immediately in our lives.  The fact that we are 30 very different women who came together with the same vision and that is to help others achieve their own health and fitness goals and to have personal success.  We have different stories, different experiences but we all are successful.  It makes you realize that no matter what you have been dealt with in life you can overcome it.  You are not bound by your past but it is a vehicle in which you can use to help others, to overcome and grow into an amazing leader.

Pittsburgh, Dream Team, Elite Retreat, Leadership Training.

As coaches we all go about our businesses working hard and we have access to all of this wonderful training and development but its moments like this weekend when you are all together that you realize how much more powerful your influence can be.  We are all human, we struggle with the same exact things, but in the end we can all do it!  You are no different than me, I am not a celebrity, I did not have any secret sauce or hidden talent that got me to be successful as a coach.  I have my own baggage from the past but I overcame it.  I had a vision for what I wanted my future to look like, I had a plan and I was consistent in my daily activities.

Now I have the great pleasure of sharing that experience with my team and empowering them to do the same thing.  I get no greater joy in life than seeing my coaches succeed.  I stood in front of that room with tears in my eyes because I have attracted some of the most genuine, caring, heart felt and joyful women to me!  They are humble, caring and compassionate.  I literally could not think of anywhere else in this world I would rather be.  I literally wake up every day and thank GOD for giving me this blessing and for allowing me to have this gift to share with others.  I get to have an impact on their lives and every day I strive to make it a positive one!

I am so excited for the future of the Dream Team and our continued success. The work didn’t stop when we left that weekend, we are just getting warmed up!  I know that we can truly make an impact, continue to be the fastest growing team in the network and the team that continually is innovative, supportive and is your biggest cheerleader!  We are not in competition with each other, we are only in competition with ourselves!

Elite Retreat, Cheers, Toast to Success, Melanie Mitro

Being a Beachbody Coach not only got me into the best shape of my life but it truly  allowed me to PAY IT FORWARD each and every day!  I get to give back a piece of what I have been given and influence others to do the same.

Each day wake up and be grateful for what you have.  Set your intentions for the day and go forth with a smile on your face.

How to Get New Coaches Started Right, Leadership Training

Each night go to bed and make a list of all the things you did that day, instead of all the things you didn’t do that day!  Start to view yourself as a successful person and you will truly develop a successful life!

Have you ever considered becoming a Beachbody coach?  Do you love health and fitness?  Do you love helping others succeed? Are you teachable?  Do you want to earn a $100, $200 or even $500+ dollars a week?  Are you self motivated?  Are you interested in truly living a life by design?  If so I encourage you to fill out my coach application.  Get some more information, chat with me and make an educated decision as to whether this would be a good fit for you!

I am currently looking for 3-5 individuals who are ready to join my team, to learn from the #1 coach in the network personally  and to grow a business that truly fits your own needs.  Do you want to be a part of a team that believes that we are in this together, we help each other and we will provide you with the best quality support and training that Team Beachbody has to offer?  If so, take the leap of faith and complete the application.

What do you have to lose?!?