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The kids are off to school—— insert really big sigh!!!  Everyone is happy and having a good time!  Finally I can catch a breath and relax a little!  Well, maybe not relax but breathe yes.  What does fall mean to you?  For me personally it is full of football games, carpooling, field trips to the pumpkin patches, pumpkin spice EVERYTHING, comfort food, the smell of fall leaves, and sweaters and boots.  Now that you are gently tucking away the bathing suits and shorts its easy to let your will power slide because it’s not like you will busting out a bathing suit anytime soon.  It’s easy to just put yourself on the back burner when of course our family is our top priority.  

The one thing that I have always stuck with thru the past 3 years is this!  When I take care of myself, I am a better Mom, Wife, Coach, Mentor, Daughter and leader!  I need proper nutrition to have the brain power to concentrate, have patience and energy.  If I don’t workout my mood dips down, I have less energy and confidence.  When my pants feel a little snug I feel blah which in turn affects everything I do.  Its like a downward spiral, once you lose focus its even harder to get it back.  The one thing I have found is that being a Beachbody Coach I am constantly surrounded by positivity, encouragement and I am always giving support and encouragement.  So it keeps me in check!!!!  

So I have decided that I want to keep you accountable too! 
 Plus this month the 21 Day Fix Challenge Pack is on promotion and its a killer deal!  You literally are getting a workout program, nutrition guide, portion sized containers, shakeology and free shipping all for the cost of a bag of Shakeology.  So you really can’t pass that up!  

My goal is starting on the 15th of September to teach you how to make small changes in your nutrition so that you can begin to have more energy, eat healthier, and fuel your body for energy vs comfort.  My goal is to teach you how to create a meal plan that fits your lifestyle and your family needs.  My goal is to give you simple, easy recipes to follow that require minimal preparation and that your whole family will eat.  I also want to teach you how to change your mindset and start making yourself a priority at least 30 minutes a day!  The workouts are a combination of cardio, strength training, yoga and pilates.  The workouts are modified for every single ability level! No matter what your current level of fitness is you can do this too!  This month we are also going to really focus on the temptations you come up against in the fall.  Pumpkin spice lattes, football parties, pies and treats!  How do you live a balanced life where you enjoy what you love but don’t derail your hard work.  I am going to arm you with tools and strategies to keep yourself on the straight and narrow!

21 Day Fix

The group is going to be an online closed Facebook support group where you can plug in daily to get tips, suggestions, motivation and help in reaching and setting goals for yourself.

21 Day Fix is on Sale, Melanie Mitro, Committed To Getting fit Support

The requirements are that I am your COACH!  
You purchase the 21 day fix challenge pack from me as your coach.

21 Day Fix is on Sale
On sale this month only

You are an active participant in the group and check in at least 1x per day and give your daily ratings!

You are committed to showing up, giving your best every day!  I don’t expect perfection I just want to see you try.  Over time what was once hard to do will now become second nature.

If you give me the 30 minutes each day I will help you get to your goals.

What is the 21 day fix?!?!  Here are all the details:

What is the 21 Day FIX?!?!  

21 Day Fix Transformation Stories and Testimonials

So what are you waiting for?  Its time to live your best life, rock your fall sweaters and skinny jeans and make some new like minded friends to keep you on track!  I would love to have you as part of the group!  Will you  join me?

It’s about time for your AFTER PICTURE!  

21 Day Fix Transformation Story
Heather is a 21 day fix graduate from my program

I have limited spaces available, so don’t hesitate to fill out the application so we can chat about your options!