Yay I am so excited!  Today is such a big day! It’s the day I finally get to share all the ins and outs of Insanity Max 30!  I no longer have to keep it a secret!  I can share my meal plan, my recipes, my food, my workouts and all the awesome details!  But before I do that I have even more exciting news!  I have taken my 30 day pictures and measurements and I have stats to report!  I wanted to share them first with you all because I know you have been following my journey and I am so very thankful for your continued support through Instagram and Facebook!  Matt and I have been working so hard at this past 30 days to lead by example and show others that it can be done if you put your mind to it! So today I’m excited to share with you my hard work!

So the honest to goodness truth about what I think about the first 30 days!!!
Was it hard, HECK YES!  Did it challenge my inner confidence?  YES!  Did I do it when I didn’t want to YES?!?!!!!!!  Was I sore as heck the first week??  YES!!!  Have I missed a workout…. NOPE!  I literally have followed the workout calendar to the T.  I have done each and every workout just as it is laid out in the program manual.

Nutrition?  YES, I have followed the nutrition very closely but I did have quite a few slip ups along the way.  First of all I really enjoy having a few drinks so I definitely saved my carbs on days for vodka and soda water!  I also have had a piece of coconut cream pie on Thanksgiving and 2 servings of apple crisp last weekend.  I have had a handful of pretzels here and there! Was I perfect, nope but did I try hard!  YES!!!  I truthfully have tracked my food every single day and I have kept track of the good and bad days.  I have really forced myself to stay focused on what I really want and the results I am working towards.  I have had to give myself little pep talks along the way that the food is not worth the results I will get!  Let me tell you, that seeing those 30 day pictures totally makes it all worth it.  Seeing the progress made because of my hard work is better than any pie, pizza or cookie!  I know that everyone thinks about nutrition differently and how they quote on quote diet but for me following this nutrition plan has been easy. It’s become a way of life for our family and clean eating is just what we do!  There are habits we have broken and habits we struggle to break, but regardless we are getting stronger each and every day!

Insanity Max30, 30 Day Results
So I have lost a total of 5 lbs in 30 days and 7.75 inches!!!!

I will take it!!!!!  These are hands down my favorite results ever!  Trust me, if you want to change you totally can!  
Bring on MONTH 2!!!!

I am so excited to keep going with my progress and to see what the 2nd month of Insanity can do for me!  I truthfully believe that it is our meal plan that will make or break it!  If you can buckle down the nutrition, you can stay focused on Maxing out then you too will have success with the program.  

Here is my testimonial about the program below!  If you would like to join me and allow me the honor of coaching you through Max30 please complete the application below!