Hey everyone! For the past 4 years I have been on a journey to reaching my own personal health and fitness goals.  I started out with 30+ pounds to lose after having our second son Bryce.  I was absolutely sick and tired of being sick and tired every single day.  I lacked energy, I had zero confidence and I truly felt like a blob!  I had no muscle tone and my stomach felt like a big pile of mush!  I was introduced to Beachbody Challenge groups by my husbands high school friend’s wife.  She invited me to join a challenge group called the Summer Slim Down Challenge.  I joined, I chose Insanity as my fitness program, I was committed to changing my eating habits to starting and finishing the program and to getting the results I wanted.  I would be lying if I said it was easy!  It was everything but EASY! I cried, I struggled, I made poor food choices, I wanted to give up, I thought I would never change, but something deep down inside kept telling me to hang in there, to trust the process and to keep going!  Guess what, I believed that deep down gut feeling.  I kept pressing play, I drank my Shakeology daily and I was committed to somehow someway changing my body!  GUESS WHAT!!!!  IT changed…. but it didn’t change on day 7 or day 14 or even day 30!  I couldn’t really tell a noticeable difference on day 45 and no one even said anything about my weight loss at day 60.  It wasn’t until day 90 and 120 and month 6 that people REALLY started to notice!  But by that point I was on a roll, I was feeling really good and I was souring with confidence.  But the bottom line is this… it WORKS!  But it only works if you are committed!  You just can’t be interested in losing weight! You just can’t be interested in changing your eating habits you have to be 100% ALL IN and committed in order for it to work!  You can’t just hokie pokie around the bottom line.  You have got to want it so bad that you can hardly stand it!
It’s at that moment that success happens!  Those people who have transformation stories didn’t just get them in one day! They worked hard and that before and after picture is a symbol of sweat, tears, good and bad days combined together to create the compound effect in their lives.
So how does this apply to Beachbody Coaching and moving up the ladder of leadership?
It’s basically the same principles.  If you lay the solid foundation of good eating habits, and consistently showing up to your workouts, drinking your water, surrounding yourself with people who lift you up, expanding your knowledge of healthy eating then you are going to achieve results.
It’s the same thing in your business!  You can’t just jump to a Diamond Coach.  This business requires you to lay the same type of foundation!  A foundation that is built on the 3 Vital Behaviors of Inviting, being a product of the product, personal development and social media.  This business is not built by chance its built because you BELIEVE in your ability to create something great out of a $40 investment!  This business can be your future, your retirement, your kids college education and your freedom if you so choose.  But it starts with the decision to build a foundation upon rock and not on sand.  To do things the right way, to take the time to master the art of inviting, following up and being present on social media.  There is not one piece of the puzzle that is more significant than another.  It’s all about interweaving them together to create this amazing business that can change your life forever.
So, here is some free training! Whether you are a Beachbody coach or an Entrepreneur in another industry.  You can use this video and training to build your skills, to create a vision and to be proactive vs reactive!  
Build a solid foundation today and you will never have to worry tomorrow!  Do you trust the process and do you believe that all good things come to those that work hard for it!!!
Please feel free to share with anyone you feel could benefit!
If you yourself are interested in learning more about coaching please email me at mjmitro@gmail.com for details on Dream Team coach!