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Being a business owner, no matter what business you are in has its challenges!
Since its YOUR business- you set the business hours, you decide how hard you want to work and how long you want to work and your work is a direct reflection of your paycheck!
It’s great because you can live a life by design but if you aren’t careful it can take you over! I have seen many couples including Matt and I struggle with the home-work life balance in their relationships!
I don’t claim to know it all or be an expert but what worked for us was these simple things!
We had to communicate- we talked every week about our work schedules, what we had scheduled, nights that would be late and events I had to attend. We scheduled out our family time and our couples time along with all the other responsibilities. I was very open about my goals, my business direction and what I wanted to achieve.
We believe in keeping the other one in the loop at all times. I talk to Matt about my business and he is a very important part of my team. It’s not a Me thing it’s a WE business!!!
I trust Matt and he trusts me! We 100% believe that we both have each other’s beat interest at heart. Our choices we make aren’t always the most glamorous but they are the best choices for our family
We make time to laugh- we just make sure that it’s not all serious! Life means u laugh and u enjoy all the things you have worked hard to create!
Lastly we LOVE one another and we work on the loving relationship we have. Love means we take the time to be together, we respect the others wishes and we value the other persons opinion.
I love my husband with my whole heart! I could and would not do this business without him! If I had to choose I still choose Matt and our family!! Over and above all else our family unit is my top priority!! While yes I work hard and I sometimes work a lot I do it because it allows us to provide a future for our family! But I won’t let it take us down— I vow to always work on balance, communication and our loving relationship!!
I am so thankful for Matt because he is truly an amazing husband!! ? it takes work but it’s surely worth it!!!!!!
I decided to write this post on Facebook yesterday after getting numerous messages from others asking me how I got Matt to support me in my business.  Plus I had a lot of messages from other coaches that are struggling to stay engaged because they lack the support at home.  Quite honestly my heart breaks for anyone who doesn’t have a supportive spouse.  I know how you feel!  I was in your shoes for a good 2 years.  Matt did not understand why I was doing the business, nor did he believe in the business model.  In reality, he just didn’t know anything about Beachbody, their mission and their vision.  It wasn’t until he attended his first event, Coach Summit 2012 in Las Vegas.  The turning point was networking with other husbands whose wives were a year ahead of me and seeing success.  It was also attending the general session where Carl Daikeler CEO of Beachbody spoke about new  product launches, their vision and their plan for the future of the company did he begin to embrace this business as a REAL business!  
It was a series of events and conversations that Matt and I had that have led to the support and the team work we have now.  I won’t say that it wasn’t hard, because that would be lying!  It was hard, we did have some fights! There were a few tears, but in the end we were both able to work together and come up with  plan so that my business and passion could thrive.  Without Matt’s support I could not of build my team to where it is today.
So Matt actually came up with this idea to do a week long series on Spousal support. We have been brainstorming topics and ideas to chat about live each day this week.  Today, we kicked off our first Periscope which is live streaming from your phone!  We discussed a little bit about our story, and then the topic today was how a spouse or significant other can be engaged but NOT INVOLVED or actively running the business.  
Matt has ZERO interest in growing a Beachbody business, inviting people to join his team and running challenge groups. That is MY thing, while he supports me he doesn’t want to be pushed to grow a business.  I respect that and I give him a supportive role in other ways.  We discuss this today!!!  
You can check out the recording below for the full scoop from the two of us.  
I believe that open communication is key!
Setting boundaries
Attending live events with your spouse
Asking for their opinion & including them in what you do is an integral part of the team!  
We will be live again tomorrow morning! Check out my like page and Instagram for the time!  
Beachbody Coach Spouse Support, Tips From A Beachbody Coaches Husband, Top 10 Elite Coach, 2014 Top Coach, Melanie Mitro, Successful Coach, Matt Mitro
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