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Happy Monday!!  The holiday mailers are arriving, the emails are ramping up, the holidays are about to be in full swing!  People are in budget mode, deal seeking and corner cutting mindsets. Everywhere we got it’s all about having enough money for the holiday season, finding the perfect gift and not breaking the BANK! Can you relate?

With the holidays ramping up it also can cause some STRESS!  I remember Matt and I sitting down and setting a budget for $30 per person and $500 total for everyone for Christmas.  I remember also having to put most things on a credit card and then having to pay it off January, February and March.  We would argue because I would always overspend and then we would have to scrimp and save for a few months to catch back up!  Honestly, it was really stressful for our family and our marriage.  Heck, Matt even had a really great job, so it wasn’t like we weren’t making a decent income.  It was just that it wasn’t enough!  The biggest stress in our marriage was MONEY! I was the spender and he was the saver!!!

So, when I started my personal transformation with Beachbody I had no idea that it would actually lead to me the business side of things!  I started as a customer in a support and accountability group.  I learned how to change my bad habits, I plugged into all of the support that Beachbody offered and I followed the nutrition plan.  I had no idea that I would fall so in love with the company and want to help others feel the same way! I set out to honestly just SHARE my journey, share the little tips and tricks that worked best for me when it came to weight loss and staying accountable.  I had friends and family asking me how I lost weight, so I invited them over for coffee, we meal planned, we grocery shopped, I supported them any way that I could to help them reach their goals.  I ran free groups, I ran  challenge groups and through the development of trusting relationships people began to purchase products through me, join my team as coaches and continued on to build successful organizations of their own!  It’s really the coolest business model EVER!!  I would not consider myself a NETWORK marketer even though I am technically one!  I consider myself someone who EMPOWERS other WOMEN to change their physical health.  To have more energy, to live life more positively.  I consider myself someone who puts out the opportunity and if you WANT to JOIN me I would be glad to have you! If it’s not for you, then that is OK too!  I have customers in my CHALLENGE groups FOREVER that are not coaches and don’t want to be and that is A OK!!!  I’m here to provide motivation, support and accountability!  It’s pretty darn awesome that I get paid for it too!  Now after just 4 years I have risen from a new coach to the #1 coach in the network! I am just like you!  I’m a mom from a small town with a big vision for how I can help lots of people!!! You can do it too!  Even if you are already in shape and are a fitness instructor or a nutritionist I can teach you how to make this work for you!!!

So, as the holidays approach, if you are looking for an opportunity to get in better shape, to feel better mentally and physically plus earn a little extra income for the holidays then this is your formal INVITE!!!

I would love to have you as a part of the DREAM TEAM! Through connecting with others, through leading by example we have become the #1 in the ENTIRE Team Beachbody Network!  I am committed to helping you turn your fitness into your business and helping you to earn some cash for Christmas!!!!

Does this sound like something you would be interested in learning more about?

If so, then check out my LIVE EVENT tonight from 6:00pm to 8:00 pm EST on Facebook!

You can join this event right here:  CASH FOR CHRISTMAS  From 6 to 7 pm I will be sharing how I got started as a coach, how I personally transformed my life through Beachbody and now how I am giving back to others.

You will hear from other coaches on my team, you will hear how to find people, how to share and not sell, how to make money and at 7:00 pm EST I will do a LIVE Q&A session where you can ask me questions and get answers about the business right from me!

You can log in live here!

{Sign in tonight at 7:00 pm EST for the LIVE BROADCAST}

Then I am accepting 5 NEW COACHES that are not ALREADY coaches onto my team to start in an exclusive NEW COACH MENTORING PROGRAM on November 30th!!!!  

I am really excited to hand select 5 new coaches that really do want to make fitness their business, earn some extra holiday cash now but continue on to grow a self sustaining business where you can choose to live your life by design.

Make Fitness Your Business, Live Event, Cash For christmas, Health and Fitness, Home Business, Team Beachbody, Top Coach, New coach Training program, Melanie MitroI will teach you step by step how to launch your business, how to invite others to join you, plus you get access into my holiday survival guide support and accountability group over the holidays plus my new coach training to help you have success in the first 30 days!!

The part that I love the best is that you get to do this from home, you won’t have to leave your family to get a second job and it helps to improve your mindset, your health and you are making a difference in the lives of those around you!

I truly love what I do!  I enjoy seeing other people succeed and I can’t wait to have YOU as the newest member of our DREAM TEAM!!!  If you are interested in learning more, hit me up!  The new coach training starts on the 30th of November!!!!  When the 5 spots are gone, they are gone! So don’t delay! There will never be a more perfect time than now!

Make Fitness Your Business, Live Event, Cash For christmas, Health and Fitness, Home Business, Team Beachbody, Top Coach, New coach Training program, Melanie Mitro
To be considered for 1 of the 5 spots complete the application below: