It’s been a few days since I wrote but we have been on a holiday high the past few days!  Family, Friends, Presents, Lots of great food, laughs and memories!  As the holiday slowly starts to wind down so does the year.  It is time to reflect, look back on what you have accomplished and then look forward on what you would like to achieve in 2016.  It’s crazy to think an entire year has gone by already!  I swear we blink and its just gone.  

So now here we are at the end of the year thinking about a few things.
1.  How do I feel?
2.  What did I accomplish in 2015?
3.  What do I want to accomplish in 2016?
I know that for me personally I am committed to my health and my fitness.  It is and always will be one of my top priorities.  I truly feel that when you take care of your body and your soul that you have more energy to do the things that you love and you get more time to spend with those closest to you!  
4 years ago I made the commitment to myself that I wanted to change more than I wanted to stay the same!  I did not want to ever have to look at that before picture ever again.  I didn’t even know who that girl was in the picture.  It wasn’t what I remembered!  I had gotten married, we had 2 kids, a house and a dog.  I had quit my job to be a stay at home mom and I was 30 pounds overweight.  I was tired, irritable, I lacked energy to get through the day and I disliked taking pictures where I was in the picture.  I was that mom that only took pictures of her kids.  It was definitely affecting every area of my relationship with my husband as well.
Melanie’s Transformation Story:  Insanity, P90X, Clean Eating, & Shakeology
I decided that it needed to change!  We didn’t have a lot of money but I was willing to scrape together what we did have to make it work.  I joined a health and fitness accountability group with my coach called the “Summer Slim Down Challenge Group” I chose Insanity as the workout of choice!  I took those before pictures and measurements and we started day 1!  I didn’t even have a designated workout space.  I had to clear out a space in our storage room where I would take my laptop and play the DVD while both of the boys napped upstairs.  I cried on a daily basis because it was HARD!  Change was hard and I had not worked out in 3 years!!!  So here I was trying to do THE HARDEST workout!  
Over those 30 days I learned how to completely change my eating habits, I started understanding what clean eating was and how to fuel your body for energy and not for comfort.  I started controlling my cravings for sweets, I starting drinking Shakeology which much to my surprise was a lifesaver for me.  I really truly was getting healthy from the inside out!  I had clearer skin, stronger nails, healthier hair and more energy!  I was finally beginning to get my own BODY back!  It was a great feeling!  After 60 days I was down 11 lbs and after 6 months I had lost a total of 30 lbs by working out at home in my storage space on my laptop to Beachbody workouts {Insanity, P90X, Turbofire, Chalean Extreme, ect…} and clean eating.  I had to share that with the world!  So that is how this blog got started and how I became a coach. 

Now, my mission is to help other women just like you truly change their lives with health and fitness.

So since its a fresh slate with 2016 right around the corner I am going to kick off my BIGGEST challenge group yet! When I say biggest, I don’t mean in numbers but I mean that I am going to launch my newest group!  
NEW YEAR, NEW YOU IN 2016 Support and Accountability group!  Starting with the plan and prep week {pre-season} on January 4th and workouts starting on January 11th.  This group is a closed online support and accountability group where I will help to match you up with the fitness program that meets your needs.  Then each participant will be required to replace 1 meal a day with Shakeology for the duration of the 6 weeks.  My goal is to teach you how to make clean eating a lifestyle change vs a crash diet.  I will teach you how to fuel your body for energy instead of comfort, I will share meal plans, recipes, snack ideas and more with you.  Each day you will log into the group to find a tip from me, a Monday mindset video, accountability from others in the group and motivation to keep going when you would rather not.  
The group is going to be a select group of motivated people who are ready to change!!!  If you invest in the program I will see you through til the end! There is no looking back!  It’s time to say goodbye to the old you and HELLO new YOU in 2016!!!!  Are you in???

1.  I must be your assigned Team Beachbody Coach.  If you already have a coach or you ARE A COACH then please contact your coach for their next group.  If you do not have a coach make me your coach here!  
2.  You must commit to both a Fitness program and replacing 1 meal a day with shakeology for 6 weeks.
3.  You must actively participate in the daily group check ins.
4.  You must have a strong desire to change your bad habits and a willingness to try new things.
If you meet the requirements then its time to complete the application below!
I will be selecting a group of individuals to join me in this group this week!
Honestly, I was skeptical as to whether or not a home fitness program would work.  I saw those infomercials and I definitely thought that they were photoshopped.  I decided to give it a try, to follow the nutrition plan, the workout schedule and do it to the T.  GUESS what, much to my surprise it worked and I never had to leave the house to go to the gym to get results.  
The BEST feeling in the world!  So now want to pay it forward to you!  Are you in???