Good Morning!!! We are a little less than 2 weeks away from Christmas and now the race is on for those few presents to make that special friend or loved one in your life happy!  So I’m going to give you some of my favorite things that could even be on my list this year!!  There is still time to grab some awesome gifts before Christmas.

Merry Fitmass FROM Committed To Getting Fit

1.  Live Colorfully Parfum Spray.  This is definitely on my christmas list!  I love this parfum and that it is light and refreshing.  Hey let’s face it, after a sweaty workout, shower and most days I put on comfy clothes again, the one thing that makes me feel alive is parfum.  I wear it every day even if I don’t leave the house.

2.  Louis Vuitton Travel Bag.  Oh you know, this is on my list of things I want, but its totally not a necessity but I really like it!  I thought I would add it because it’s one of my FAVORITE THINGS!  Seriously because every girl DESERVES to travel in STYLE!  Total wish list item right here!!!!!  
3.  Carrie Underwood Calia Brand Workout Gear
-Women’s Effortless Open Back Sweater is my favorite and I could literally wear it every single day!  I have this sweater and I always get compliments on it as well.  You can find Calia brand at Dicks Sporting Goods and I have seen it at Chelsea Collective.

4.  Lululemon 
Wunder Under pants are my favorite.  They may be pricey but they are not going to fade, they will last forever and the quality is out of this world.
Cozy Cuddle Up Jacket:  Any jackets from Lululemon are going to keep you warm and are going to be thick and high quality.  I love these jackets and I can’t get enough of them.  Again, they might be pricey but its so worth it!!!

Free To Be Bra:  Plenty of room to flow but sweat wicking and awesome comfort level!!!

5.  LuMee Case for your phone.  This is one of my favorite tools for taking amazing pictures and selfies.  You know when the room is dark and the lighting is less than optimal and you really want to take a great picture and you just can’t get it right.  The LuMee light is most likely going to solve that problem.  I have to say that this is the 1 tool that I use every single day.  When it comes to making videos, when it comes to pictures of my workouts and my family the LuMee is amazing!!  You have to buy this for your selfie taking friends!!!  
6.  Nike Free 4.0 Flyknit.  These are absolutely hands down my favorite pair of shoes.  I am on my 3rd pair because I love them so much!  They fit my feet well and it feels like I am wearing no shoes at all.  

7.  Golds Gym Interlocking Mats.  They are perfect to give you a soft workout space that gives you some cushion for your workouts and to protect your joints when you are jumping.  
8.  Bowflex Adjustable Weights.  You most likely see them in a lot of my workout pictures and I just love them!  They allow me to lift weights heavy enough to get the results that I want without an entire rack of weights.  

9. UGG BOOTS: These were a purchase I made this fall and I LOVE THEM! I literally wear them every single day and I highly suggest getting them for your loved ones too! They are soooo comfy and versatile.  
10.  The Masters Hammer and Chisel Booty Shorts:  They fit really nicely and they make even my super flat butt have a little more shape.  Check out the Team Beachbody Shop and all their Womens Apparel and right now it is FREE shipping!!!  

I hope that you got some great ideas!!!!  These are some of my absolute favorite things that make my fit life FUN!  If you really want to give someone you love the gift of health and fitness forward this email and tell them about my  NEW YEAR NEW YOU challenge group starting on the 4th of January, make sure to ask me how!!!

Have a happy holidays!!!!