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You reap what you sow! 

I’ve always been a believer that commitment, hard work and discipline will pay off.  The journey was never easy: sacrifices were made, eating habits had to change and a whole lot more. However, accomplishing things are always a little bit easier when you love what you do, you are surrounded by supportive family, friends and coaches, and you have the desire inspire and motive others.

I would like to share some of my 2015 highlights, best practices for building an online health and fitness business and how I powered through the Holidays.

Q: Most memorable Coach highlights from 2015?A: Seeing my Personally-Sponsored Coaches achieve Elite for the first time, and having my own Personally-Sponsored Coach achieve Top 10. Another highlight was standing on stage at Summit with my Team right behind me. It was very surreal, and I was in awe of the fact I had a hand in changing so many people’s lives. That moment made me realize the impact that one person can make.Q: Toughest business struggle you’ve had to overcome in 2015?A: My biggest struggle has been continuing to develop ways to connect with my growing Team on a personal level. It’s true that some growing pains can happen at any level of the business.Q: How has being a Top Coach affected you?A: Personally, I feel no different than I did before being named Top Coach. But from a business perspective, it has given me credibility on my social media platforms and drawn people to me who want to learn about the business. It has been a blessing because I know that I’m able to inspire so many people in a positive way.Q: How do you maintain your business momentum through the holidays?A: For me, momentum comes from consistency.​ I’m constantly re-inventing my marketing plan, and strategically schedule my Challenge Groups based on what my followers are struggling with. I also stay focused on my own health and fitness goals so that I’m leading by example.Q: What words of wisdom would you give to a Coach who’s struggling right now?A: This business is built on belief. If you believe you’re an above average person, then you will be an above average person. If you struggle with belief, ask yourself this: Are you doing Personal Development and the ‘3 Vital Behaviors’ every day? Do you make working on your weaknesses your number one priority? It’s not about what you do once in a while that brings success; it’s about what you do every single day.Q: Best piece of Coach advice you ever got?A: There are many nuggets I’ve taken from other leaders. In “The Slight Edge” by Jeff Olsen he says, “You have to be willing to do what other people are not willing to do now, so that you can have what other people wish they could have five years from now.” That phrase stuck in my head. Be committed. Be driven. Keep your passion alive, and go out there and do great things!

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