Happy New Year!!! Can you believe it is 2016 already?!  

Fresh start on the new year

Hammer and Chisel Time

I hope that you have enjoyed your New Year and are ready to get back on track with your nutrition and fitness.

For me this past week was, well excuse my language a “SHIT SHOW”.  I can say that I actually only worked out 3 days last week!  We were on vacation in Florida visiting some of our very good friends and then I got sick so I didn’t really feel like doing much of anything at the end of the week.  I missed a few workouts but over all my nutrition wasn’t all that bad other than a few drinks throughout the week.

I am ready to kick it into high gear for week 5 of Hammer and Chisel this week.

I have printed off my tracking sheets for my food, I have my food journal in place, I have my meal plan created and ready to go!  I am committed to making this week count in a BIG WAY!

I really love this journal, the goal getter journal from Walgreens rocks

I have a HUGE event next weekend here in Pittsburgh with a thousand people attending plus many of my Dream Team Coaches are traveling in for a training, celebration and more!   I want to make sure that I am feeling confident in my dress and I have the energy to keep up all day long!

So here is my game plan for the week:

Workouts will happen at 5:00 am each day this week.  It’s become my morning routine and I love to get it out of the way first thing in the morning.  I am always asked, how do you have the energy to do a workout at 5:00 am?  Well, honestly it is rough some days, but I drink my Energize, I go straight to the basement and I just press play because I know if I don’t get it done now I will make every excuse as to why I can’t or don’t have time later.

I am following plan B for the hammer and chisel plan because I want to add lean muscle.  While I always want to tone and cut fat I feel that eating more is going to help me get the lean muscle faster.


Monday:  Total Body Chisel and 10 minute ab chisel
Tuesday:  Hammer power and 10 minute ab hammer
Wednesday:  Chisel Balance and 15 minute glute chisel
Thursday:  Iso Speed Hammer and 15 minute leg hammer
Friday:  Chisel Endurance
Saturday:  Off Day
Sunday:  Total Body Hammer

I always drink the pre workout energize for that extra boost in my workout.
I then immediately following my workout drink the recover drink, I shower and then have my Shakeology for breakfast each day.

Saving grace for nighttime recovery, you have to try this

I drink the evening recharge formula because it helps with sore muscles and it does give me better results. I find that the next morning I can push harder than before!

Meal Planning:  I like to plan out a week at a time because it helps me to stay on track.  I know that when I fail to plan out my week I tend to make poor choices, I fly by the seat of my pants and then I’m not prepared and we don’t end up having the right foods in the house. When I do the meal planning I do much better.

So here is my game plan for the week!
I have 1 obstacle and that is next weekend.  We have our Super Friday event where Friday night will be a huge Team Beachbody event. Shakeology will be my dinner that evening.

Saturday morning I have to make it my rest day since our training starts at 9:00 am and I know that I won’t have time after the late night on Friday to get it in.

Saturday’s food will be Shakeology, and what I can get at the restaurant at the hotel which will be a salad.

Saturday night’s dinner will be steak, grilled veggies, and a starch and dessert!  It will be my cheat meal for sure.  I know that I will have a few drinks, there will be lots of dancing and fun!  So I’m going with it!

Sunday we are back home and I’m back on track.  In my mind I have it all planned out and that is what keeps me sane.

I am committed 100% to this program because we have our Success Club Trip which is a cruise in March!  So its go time!  Being in front of 4,000 Beachbody Coaches is plenty enough motivation for me.  
I am loving Hammer and Chisel and I can tell you that it’s a challenge, but it’s totally doable.  If you are looking to take your fitness to the next level this is the perfect program for you.  It is the right amount of strength training and cardio to keep me challenged, focused and excited about each and every workout!
So it’s game face on!  Lets get those results!!!  Remember that Summer Bodies are Made in the WINTER!!!  
There is still time to join!  I am kicking off Pre season tomorrow for my January groups.
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