Good Morning!  So lets take a minute and just hit “pause” because I made this very vulnerable and personal post this week about what I have been experiencing and I couldn’t believe the overwhelming response that I got from you all!

So a little back story.  I have been on the STRUGGLE bus in a very BIG WAY the past few weeks.

I have had very little energy, despite eating super clean, working out and drinking my shakeology.  I have had no MOTIVATION to do anything more than just do the daily things on my to do list.

I was bottoming out mid day, I was lacking patience and no really enjoyment!  On the flipside there is NO reason that I should even remotely feel this way.  We have been so crazy busy with selling our house, buying a new one, going on a trip to Florida to visit friends and my own traveling for work that I didn’t even notice it.  This week it hit me like a ton of bricks.  EVERY SINGLE YEAR at this time I start to feel BLAHHHH… I definitely am an undiagnosed case of Seasonal Affective Disorder.

As much as I want to think that I am super healthy and eating clean I can’t deny that there is some other factors going on that are out of my control.  What I can control is what I choose to do with this.

So instead of sitting here wallowing in my lack of energy I’m taking charge!!!

So how do I pull myself out of a funk?  Because seriously, I run a HUGE business and people are relying on me to lead them and I can’t let them down!

1.  I bought myself a Suntouch Plus lamp which I use every single morning when I sit down to work for 30 minutes.  Light therapy can help to bring back up the melatonin and seratonin levels that your body lacks from the winter months, shorter days and less natural lighting.

2.  I diffuse essential oils in my home daily.
I have a Young Living Diffuser in which I am diffusing the citrus scents, currently the lemon to uplift, to awaken, to bring life into my body and to just boost my mood.  I can say that doing this along with the light is helping!!!
3.  Vitamins.  I started taking my daily Iron, B-12, Vitamin D, and Suntheanine L-Theanine daily along with clean eating, exercise and daily Shakeology.  I am focused on proper sleep and taking care of my body.  
It is already helping tremendously in the few short weeks that I have been doing this.
I will say that some days are better than others and any chance that I get {when its above 45 degrees} I will go outside.  
4.  Shopping.  Well shopping is something that I love and it brings me joy!  But the point of the story is to do something you love and enjoy!  So for me that is shopping or snuggling up and watching a good movie with my boys!  Find something that brings you joy and get lost in it!
It is so important that when you start to feel yourself sliding backwards that you don’t let it be an excuse but you use it as your REASON to dig down and find every single ounce of motivation you can find to pull yourself back up.  What feels impossible now, or your biggest failures can become your path to your ULTIMATE success.
It’s about the mindset shift and that shift has happened in part to personal development.
Right now I’m reading the book GIRL CODE by Cara Alwill Leyba.  It’s really giving me awesome positive perspective and a dose of KICK ASS motivation to go for my goals and my dreams! Surround yourself with GO GIVERS and people who don’t suck your energy but those that lift you up and fill your cup!
The woe is me mentality doesn’t work here.  I may allow myself to wallow for a day or two but then its time to pick yourself up by your bootstraps and get SHIT DONE {Pardon my language}!  
There is no better time than now, the day is either going to RUN YOU or YOU ARE GOING TO RUN IT!  You get to choose!
I continue to surround myself with positive, motivating, inspiring leaders and my customers who are working on their health and fitness goals which pushes me to always be better!
What are you doing today that is for you and that is helping you to continue to be the VERY BEST VERSION OF YOURSELF???
Share with me BELOW what your top tips to get yourself out of a funk are!!!  I would love to hear what you have to say!