So a lot of what I do is on social media. 5 years ago I had a flip phone with no wifi connection so I can say that this is all new to me!  The one good thing is this, if I can do it. So can you!!

I don’t have any special skills or background but what I do have is the ability to GOOGLE IT if I don’t know the answer!  I also watch what other people do and I’m not afraid to ask questions at all.

So basically this is how I learned to improve my photos from the grainy, awful, dark dingy selfies to much better quality photos with my iphone!  I get asked daily what apps I use to add text & effects so why not just share it with you here.

So What Are My Absolute Favorite Apps?

1.  Photofy- This app is great for doing the mirror images, adding text and sayings to your pictures plus you can make collages from here as well.  It crops it to square and you can easily share on Instagram.

2.  Instabeauty- MIRACLE APP, because it takes out the uneven skin tone and gives you clear looking pictures.  It allows you to add filters to your pictures and get a crisp un wrinkly skin look.  You can also use it to create videos as well.  TRUTH- this is how I look good in my morning workout pictures!  {gahh I just let the cat out of the bag }

3.  Vont- This is great for putting text on your videos that you create and you can upload them to youtube or Facebook.

4.  WordSwag- It is a great app that allows you to put text on your photos but it has pre formatted settings which are just awesome when you are in a hurry.

5.  PhotoBlender- If you want to pull together multiple pictures and blur the lines between them then this is a really cool and different app to use.

6.  Snapseed- If I could have one that I almost can’t live without then this is it!  It brightens, adds flair, blurs the edges, creates a vignette, and has the best effects!  Hands down one of my favorites!!!

7.  Photo- This is the best one to ad words to your pictures. It’s easy, you can easily move it around and there is a variety of fonts.

8.  Rhonna- This is great for text, for creating collages, for using sparkly fonts and fun effects!  You can’t go wrong with this one!!!

9.  iMovie- This is how I take a video clip that I record and add text, cut and edit the video to make it fit for Instagram or my Facebook page.

10.  VOXER- this is my main method of communication with my family and coaches. I love voxer because you can send a message like a walkie talkie.  It runs off of data and its a great way to get around texting because I just can’t stand it! 🙂

Ok I think that’s all I got for today!  What did you think? Did this help you out?

What are your favorite apps?  Will you share below in the comments?  

I always like to hear from others what works for them!!! 🙂

Have a great THURSDAY!!!