Good Morning and Happy Friday!!  It’s the 4th of July weekend and of course that just throws a wrench into any healthy eating plan.  Even the most discipled and dedicated people can get a little unfocused when there is an abundance of temptations in front of you!  

So the one rule of thumb is this, you don’t have to be super strict {unless you want to be} but you do have to set some parameters!  Follow the 80-20 rule which means that 80% of your week you are on track and 20% you enjoy within healthy limits.  

We are having company at our house, we will be grilling out, swimming and just kicking back and relaxing with the family!  

I definitely don’t want you to un do all your hard work on the weekends!  So here are my tips and some great recipes to help you survive the 4th!  

1.  Schedule your cheat meal for the week:  Decide what you want to splurge on!  Is Grandma’s potato salad the most divine thing you have ever tasted?  Would the 4th not be complete with that triple chocolate cake?  Or would that beer be torture not to have?  Here is the ticket, you pick 1 thing and you have it!  You also stay within the correct portion size.  You don’t go overboard, but you have what you want in moderation!  Lastly, you do not take a rest day on your cheat meal day!  You bust out that workout and you give it 100%.  Just because it’s a holiday doesn’t mean you slack.  Results happen because you are consistent day in and day out!  Also, you get 1 cheat meal, not a cheat meal each day.  It’s once a week, so if you are going to have your treat today, you are not going to have another treat the next day when you go to the next get together or dinner out!  Trust me, it all adds up quickly so staying accountable is important!  If you need to have someone that keeps you in check, tell someone your plan and have them remind you what your working towards.

2.  Don’t let yourself get to the point of ravenous:  If you are planning a picnic try not to skip meals.  Eat every 2 1/2 to 3 hours a day to keep your metabolism in check but also because when I get to the point of beyond hungry all logical decision making goes out the door and I make bad choices!  So no matter what pack some snacks in a cooler, take your shake, drink your water and stay focused!!!! 

3.  Take a healthy appetizer if you go to a picnic.  This way you know you have something that you can eat that is guilt free!  Here are a few of my festive favorites that you would not think of as a clean option.

4.  Don’t Skip Your Workout.  Make sure you still squeeze in your workout!  If you are traveling you can take your workouts with you with Beachbody On Demand.  You can download the On Demand App to your phone or ipad and stream the workouts.  Plus with On Demand you can store up to 7 workouts so that you don’t even need wifi connection!  #noexcuses
If you want to do something different then get yourself out for a run or switch it up by going to the gym in the hotel while traveling.  But if you are going to be enjoying summer treats, don’t schedule a rest day on a cheat day!

5.  What are the best drinks to have?  Stay away from sugar loaded fruity cocktails like Margaritas, Daiquiris, Pina Coladas, Beer and wine. They are just full of sugar and carbs. The best drinks to go for are really vodka and soda water with a splash of lemon or lime.  We also make our own margaritas that are clean.
One thing we recently have been doing is blending up fresh watermelon and then using the juice as the base, add in some tequilla, a splash of margarita mix, seltzer water and serve.  So refreshing and 1/2 the sugar!

6.  Stay Hydrated.  So when the sun is hot and you are outside it’s easy to get dehydrated.  So make sure you are constantly sipping your water and staying hydrated so you don’t confuse your thirst for hunger and begin to overeat!  Aim to drink 1/2 your body weight in OUNCES of water each day!  The more coffee you drink the more dehydrated you get, so sip that water!

What are some of my favorite summer time recipes that you can make?!

Here you go!

Fun and Festive Fruit Tray
Grab some skewers at the grocery store, cut up strawberries and bananas and put on the skewers with blueberries for an awesome beautiful side!
Tomato Basil Edamame Salad
Layered Hummus Dip
Edamame and Roasted Corn Succotash
Shakeology Fudge Pops
Black Bean Burgers
Clean Eating Turkey Burgers
Chicken Cheesesteak 
Clean Eating Shakeology Recipe
Your best drink options are:

Soda water/vodka (boring but add a squeeze of lemon, lime or oranges to the mix and give it some flavor) 

I hope you have a healthy, festive and safe 4th of July!